Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why photography?

I enjoy taking pictures because it is a way of expressing what people don’t normally see, or a way of capturing an extraordinary moment in time. For myself, I find photography is the best art form to articulate what I am seeing, feeling or trying to explain. Also, though photography is very artistic, there is also a deep technical side in which I find satisfaction. Besides having vision for art, there is also a great deal to setting up the exposure in terms of depth of field, white balance and ISO not to mention aperture, shutter speed and focus. After that there are great number of ways and angles from which to light a subject. Figuring out the optimum light source is an interesting pursuit and challenge and often adds to the pleasure of taking pictures.

When I bought my camera I had been taking pictures on a Pentax 35mm since childhood. I decided to upgrade to digital because of the wider range of applications such as being able to switch quickly between black and white and color without having two cameras. I also have been inspired by the work of Ansel Adams and a digital camera allowed me to take higher quality photos in remote places without carrying 50 pound packs filled with glass plates as he did. I also imagined taking pictures with more digital expression than was previously possible with a film camera.
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