Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I take pictures for a number of reasons. Capturing memories or things that will never happen again are just some. Like trips to the cabin when we melted a bottle in the fire that looked extremely awesome, or when my twin brother is just making a complete idiot out of himself. I love to take pictures of the scenery we have in our beautiful state. One day when my buddies girlfriend and I where driving to her house; it had been snowing all day. As we drove over the bridge and the moon was out and the pond was still melted but the snow had fallen around it. The moon was hitting the water in such a perfect way and I had no camera to take the picture; well not a good enough one. I never wanted that to happen again. So the last reason I take photographs is because I love to share them with people and I love the looks and complements they give me when they see what I have taken. I write to people all around the world Thailand, England, Russia, are just some of the places. But when they see pictures of Alaska they are amazed, and I love what they have to say about our state.
When I bought my camera, I imagined taking amazing, beautiful, and hilarious photographs, pictures that are artistic. I sometimes drive with my mother to her job in Nenana and on the way the way their beauty is everywhere. From the snow covered trees to some of the valleys, it’s a gorgeous drive. I also love to take pictures of things that my friends and I do. This summer we managed to sneak our way into the Northern Lights Hotel which has been closed for sometime now. But the pictures I could have taken from that rooftop would have been awesome, and when I bought my camera I knew I had to go back their and try this summer. One of the last things I imagined taking pictures of was my family. We are getting older and it’s been years since I have seen my grandparents, aunt and uncles. When I thought about that I knew I had to buy it. My mom isn’t here to take pictures much and I know my grandparents would love some pictures of my brothers and
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