Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Why do I take photographs? (#2)

The five photographs were the fortune of bad luck of not having a camera and from that was a disappointment. I will admit though I have had some luck to actually take pictures on my adventures through the wilderness when I had a camera but now only if I had the camera so I could actually show those that of where I was and such...
1. My first picture would have to be my father, I never got a picture from him since my parents divorced in 2001. Since I moved out of the house in '01, my mother has gotten rid of all the pictures of my father, I have no pictures of us when I was a child to an adult. So I will have to make note when I travel back home to take a picture of him and I together.
2. My second picture would have to be when I was back home in 2005 of August visiting. I wish I was able to get a picture of my friend Adam all greased and oil dripping from his mouth as he changed oil in his '59 BelAir.
3. My third picture would have to be outside the Ford Rouge Complex on Miller Road. At times there was this homeless man that would just daze into the majesty of the complex. He was always wearing his 'Sunday's best' as he told me, I would give him $5.oo dollars to tell me another story. (one of my goals is to do pictures of homeless individuals and get their stories)
4. My fourth picture would have to be 'Old Detroit', of times where it was at its peak, of places that are no longer there, places where people could bring back their youth. Maybe Eastern Market or the Riverfront, or where once buildings stood to shine in the glory sky of Detroit.
5. My fifth picture and last would have to be the hockey fight that I was in, instead of being the fighter I would be the photographer of watching my moves in slow motion. I was 16 and defending my life as I struggled to keep my composure, in the end of it though I would try to capture the laugh and smile we had on each other. It's one thing that we have in common as players, we know our fears and at the end we are friends.
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