Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Why I Take Photographs & 5 Pictures I Wish I Took But Didn't

Why do I take photographs? That is actually a really good question. When I was younger I remember looking at old photos that some relative had taken and imagining what it was like to be there. A sort of adventure if you will. But as I grew older and started taking photographs for myself it was more because of the joy of taking pictures then anything else. And later it became partly to remember. To create pictures kind of like the ones I used to look at when I was younger so that my siblings could remember things that had happened when we were younger or maybe one day when I have children they can look at a picture I took and imagine.
Pictures I wish I would have taken but didn't...
* The look on my father's face when my little sister and her fiance called for permission for her to get married. Especially the look considering we don't have contact with our father.
* Sweety, my old female tabby with a double crook in her tail, in a giant blue rubbermaid storage container being a wetnurse to a litter of kittens that belonged to one of our other cats.
* The look on Keavin's face when my sister face when she said 'Yes' after the millionth time of asking her to marry him.
* My adopted niece, all pale and gooey right after she was born. She kind of looked like a Shar-pei. I know its mean, but it was adorable.
* My mom when she was pregnant with my brother or my sister. While she was reading to them, the morning sunlight shining in from the window behind her filtering through her longer blonde hair and looking slightly tired but she still had that healthy, pregnant glow that made her absolutely stunning.
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