Sunday, January 28, 2007

Five photographs I should have taken

1. A couple of days ago I saw a dog sled. I should have taken a picture of that because I don’t see those in Finland, although we have some dog sleds there, too.

2. A picture of my first landlady here in Alaska so that I could have shared it with my family and friends at home.

3. I was on a trip in California and saw a lot of beautiful skyscrapers. They looked exceptionally beautiful in the evening when it was dark. I wanted to take many photographs of them but I didn’t know how to (what would be the best exposure, etc.), so that photographs would have looked as good as the buildings actually did.

4. There are many situations when I should have taken pictures but the situation was too fast and/or I was too slow or I didn’t have my camera with me.

5. Often when I come home from my trips and look at the photos I have taken, I am surprised that there are not a lot of pictures. I feel that I should have taken a lot more pictures and this is not enough, although on the trip I have felt that I have taken a lot of pictures...
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