Wednesday, January 24, 2007

5 pictures I should have taken

The most memorable photo that I did not take was when a friend and I were flipping off things. We finally reached a climax for height and though we got a picture it didn't turn out too great and it would have been better had we spent more time setting up the shot. Another picture I wish I would have taken occurred recently on campus when I was walking by a tree that was lit by a string of lights. The color balance of the lighted tree was beautifully contrasted with the dusk sky behind it. A third picture I missed was looking from a high window across the town right at sunset. The -50 degree weather created ice for that blanketed the city and there were reflections from the sky shinning back from the windows in far off buildings. A few weeks ago I wish I had taken a portrait of a friend who was looking especially photogenic. A fifth picture that does not exist occurred about a month ago when there was a gathering of some of my friends where great memories could have been documented but were not.
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