Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why i like to take Photgraphs

I like to take photographs because i like to remember the stuff that i have done and the places that i have been to. There were times when i really wished that i took photos when i travel and have been doing stuff where i can share them with friends and family. Taking photos are challenging at times especially when they can either turn out bad or good. I like to learn how to take good photos when using my camera. Photos can help me express my artistic side that people have not seen before. I also would like to use photos as documentation or for practical uses when needed to say on the job. I also like to take photos for multimedia use in computer applications since i am studying for my degree in information technology. The skills that i will gain will help me become more proficient with the multimedia aspects with computers and technlogy. When i first purchased my camera, I imagined taking photos of friends and family and events and places that i have been to. If there was a sporting event, i can use my camera to take pictures to share with people who are into sports. I also imagined taking interesting photos that people who would be interested in looking at them. If there is a family events i also imagined to take photos so i can give them to family and keep for my own pleasure on remembering the good times i had with them. So taking this class will help me take good photos that people would like to look at and share. Not only to help me gain additional multimedia skills to put to use with computers and technology.
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