Monday, January 29, 2007

Things I should have taken a picture of...

1) One of the things I really wish I had been able to take a photo of was of a lone wolf walking down the road in Denali National Park. It just came around the corner and I just looked at it and never thought of getting the camera to take a photo.

2) This one is right up there with the wolf, and it was also in Denali National Park. As our bus drove on a bridge we stopped and saw 3 cute baby foxes sitting on the bridge in a light rain, one of them playing with his reflection in a puddle. In the moment, I again forgot to take a picture.

3) A picture of my dog carrying a toy three times his size and trying to jump up on the couch.

4) Seeing a violet aurora borealis and not having a camera capable of capturing it was agonizing, it was there for about 15-20 seconds and was gone again.

5) The aftermath of my friend shooting a large spongebob doll with hollowpoints at the South Cushman shooting range.
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