Wednesday, January 24, 2007

5 pictures that i should of taken

The first pic i should of taken is when i was out in denali and saw some dall sheep in the mountains when i was riding the bus into the park. When i saw them, i totally would have gotten good snapshots of them and there was 3 of them. The 2nd photo i should of taken was when i was at a UAF mens basketball game and one of the players dunked the ball on a fast break. It would of been a great sports action photo for my collection since i am a basketball fan. The 3rd photo was when I was at a concert at the blue loon and there was a all female AC/DC tribute band playing there and there was a lot of people there. That would of been of my good memories since i do like AC/DC and their music. I also was with my friends and they would of liked to see a photo of the concert if i took some pictures. The 4th photo i should of taken is when I was moose hunting and saw a cow moose with her calf. That would of been a good photo to take and it would of been a good wildlife photo to share with everybody that i know. The last 5th photo that i really should of taken when i had the chance was to take a picture of me and my coworkers that i worked with from my summer job at Denali. Some of them were good friends and i would of have good memories of them and would not forgot them if i had taken a photo of them when i was working in the park.
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