Wednesday, January 31, 2007

5 Pics I wish i would have taken....

1.) When i was 12 one of my best friends named Billy cried, when my brothers snake bit him. I wish i would have got a pic of that because to this day he says i have never seen him cry.
2.) There was a sunset the other day one of the best i have seen in a long time, i wish that i would have took a pic of that because sense im at work a lot i dont normally get to see the sky. It would be a nice reminder that there is a world outside of a garage where you wash cars.
3.) The exact moment i asked my girlfriend out. The look of nervouseness, and fear of rejection on my face would have been a great raw emotion to have captured. Along with the emotion of excitement, and joy when she said yes.
4.) The moshpit, at the last Godsmack concert. Everything was moving so fast and people moshing their hearts out, was something i didnt even expect to see at that concert. Mostly becuase im used to seeing people tear through a growed like that, at bands that are far more intense, it was something that truly amazed me.
5.) Last spring, the hugest bat i have ever seen flew out in front of my car. I have seen them around before and no one has ever believed me that in Alaska we have bats. This bat would have been a perfect example, it was monsterouse.

Brian M.
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