Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Five Photos That I Wished I Had Taken

The five photographs that I wish I would have taken...thats pretty hard to narrow down but the first would have to be the the first day it snowed in 2006. Te pond near my friends house looked amazing with the lighting of the moon and the way things were around it.. I still regret not having a camera. The second one is when I was in South Dakota visitng, and we passed my house that I grew up in as a child. The house has completely changed now but when I was their it was exactly how I remembered it growing up. The third would have to be of my childhood pet Norton that died this last year. Norton was a cat that I had since I was in 5th grade (that was about 9 years ago) and I regret so much not taking more pictures of him. He was the pet that I had the longest and the one that I had grown so attached to. The fourth would have to be when I went a on a trip with my buddies to Valdez and this waterfall was melting and the ice and the light looked amazing. The fith photo would have to have been of one of my good friends Andy. Andy was killed by a drunk driver last year and two days before he died him and a bunch of our friends were hanging out having a blast and I did not get a single picture.
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