Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Photo 1: When my friend Nick first got his Nintendo Wii system. It was a blast, seeing him and a cupple other friends pick it out of its box. Seeing them set it up, and mostly, seeing Nick get into the game that came with the system. It was a blast. A moment I will not forget for quite some time.

Photo 2: I wish I could have seen myself durring my first day back to Curcit Drills at the REC Center, doing all those workouts made me almost give up or puke. But I pulled though. It was hard and I saw that the Travis, a friend of mine also was weiry. I wish I could capture the moment of us dead beet but still sticking with it...

Photo 3: Thee Moment, I wish I could capture wile I was up here, was a little wile back. It was last year, When I was visiting a friend at Nerland Hall on Campus. My friend Travis Larson and Me, were watching the best movie of all! time!. Final Fantasy: Advent Children. Throughout the movie we were grasping chairs, having our hearts stop, start, and becoming releaved through out the movie. When we finished the movie, Travis and I ran! out of Nerland Hall and ment to run back twords MBS Hall. It was on top the hill. We were so lost in the movies awsomeness! that we ended up running down the hill twords the Gas Station/To Go Mart. We didn't even realize we were going the wrong way for a good few minutes. We finally realized and tured around. That and bouncing off the wall tilling other friends how good the movie we saw was, was a moment I will treasure the rest of my life.

Photo 4: A moment I would caputer, isn't so much a big thing, rather it is a recurring thing, I seem to always start to walk twords my old dorm hall. I used to live in Nerland last semester, and I still catch myself turning twords its doors when I walk past it, to where I live now, Wickersham Hall.

Photo 5: The moment I got my Playstaton 3, I bought it near the Fred Myers, on Air Port way. I was so stoked to get it. I shoud have been to, it cast me $600.oo. I bought right after that a game for it. Resistance: Fall of Man. It is the best game for the PS3 as of yet. I am vary pleased with what I got and what game I have gotten for it. Seeing it start up for the vary first time, and learning how it works... priceless. :)
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