Wednesday, January 31, 2007

5 photos that were missed.

1. Every night at my house in Glennallen. I work the late shift, and when I get home its about 9-11pm. I look up at the sky and just see...well everything. The sky is so clear you can just sit there for hours wondering how much you can see. I just wish I had those pictures here to remind me.

2. My old roommate Takeshie trying to rootbeer. Some funny stuff how rootbeer tastes to someone from Japan.

3. The time I had 8 people in my Geo Storm. Just image a can of sardines...inside a can of sardines...

4. Everytime my dad takes me fishing. We could have every gadget in the world to tell us where or how to catch just dosent help.

5. The time I tried to shimmy across a gate at a boat dock to get my he-man action figure from my uncles boat...didnt go to well...somthing about divers to to get his keys or somthing...
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