Tuesday, January 30, 2007

pictures i wish i would have taken

a picture that i wish i would have taken is of the sunset today when i was driving to class. The clouds were a pink purple and orange color. it would have been an awesome picture with the tree tops by the road and the mountains in the background.

Another picture i wish i would have taken is a picture of my dog laying in the living room looking out the window. Becuase he was just put down acouple days ago, so i will never beable to take that pic again.

Over thanksgiving i was in New York and i wish that i would have taken a picture of the tall buildings, becuase of how dark they were because the sun light doesnt go into the city. It was differant to go from Alaska to New York.

I also wish i would have taken pictures of the graffiti on the buildings and how rusted the beams were on the Monorail. It was interesting to see how how differant it was in certian parts of the city. Also how differant the lifestyle is compared to alaska.

When we were leaving Back to New Jersey, we were waiting for the train later that evening and the stations were lighted very poorly and there were only a few people waiting. I thought it would have been neat to take a picture of the station with the tracks vanishing into darkness. I also would have liked to try differant affects on photoshop
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