Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Five Photos That I Wished I Had Taken

The five photographs that I wish I would have taken...thats pretty hard to narrow down but the first would have to be the the first day it snowed in 2006. Te pond near my friends house looked amazing with the lighting of the moon and the way things were around it.. I still regret not having a camera. The second one is when I was in South Dakota visitng, and we passed my house that I grew up in as a child. The house has completely changed now but when I was their it was exactly how I remembered it growing up. The third would have to be of my childhood pet Norton that died this last year. Norton was a cat that I had since I was in 5th grade (that was about 9 years ago) and I regret so much not taking more pictures of him. He was the pet that I had the longest and the one that I had grown so attached to. The fourth would have to be when I went a on a trip with my buddies to Valdez and this waterfall was melting and the ice and the light looked amazing. The fith photo would have to have been of one of my good friends Andy. Andy was killed by a drunk driver last year and two days before he died him and a bunch of our friends were hanging out having a blast and I did not get a single picture.

5 Pics I wish i would have taken....

1.) When i was 12 one of my best friends named Billy cried, when my brothers snake bit him. I wish i would have got a pic of that because to this day he says i have never seen him cry.
2.) There was a sunset the other day one of the best i have seen in a long time, i wish that i would have took a pic of that because sense im at work a lot i dont normally get to see the sky. It would be a nice reminder that there is a world outside of a garage where you wash cars.
3.) The exact moment i asked my girlfriend out. The look of nervouseness, and fear of rejection on my face would have been a great raw emotion to have captured. Along with the emotion of excitement, and joy when she said yes.
4.) The moshpit, at the last Godsmack concert. Everything was moving so fast and people moshing their hearts out, was something i didnt even expect to see at that concert. Mostly becuase im used to seeing people tear through a growed like that, at bands that are far more intense, it was something that truly amazed me.
5.) Last spring, the hugest bat i have ever seen flew out in front of my car. I have seen them around before and no one has ever believed me that in Alaska we have bats. This bat would have been a perfect example, it was monsterouse.

Brian M.

5 Pics I wish i would have taken....

1.) When i was 12 one of my best friends named Billy cried, when my brothers snake bit him. I wish i would have got a pic of that because to this day he says i have never seen him cry.
2.) There was a sunset the other day one of the best i have seen in a long time, i wish that i would have took a pic of that because sense im at work a lot i dont normally get to see the sky. It would be a nice reminder that there is a world outside of a garage where you wash cars.
3.) The exact moment i asked my girlfriend out. The look of nervouseness, and fear of rejection on my face would have been a great raw emotion to have captured. Along with the emotion of excitement, and joy when she said yes.
4.) The moshpit, at the last Godsmack concert. Everything was moving so fast and people moshing their hearts out, was something i didnt even expect to see at that concert. Mostly becuase im used to seeing people tear through a growed like that, at bands that are far more intense, it was something that truly amazed me.
5.) Last spring, the hugest bat i have ever seen flew out in front of my car. I have seen them around before and no one has ever believed me that in Alaska we have bats. This bat would have been a perfect example, it was monsterouse.

Brian M.
Photo 1: When my friend Nick first got his Nintendo Wii system. It was a blast, seeing him and a cupple other friends pick it out of its box. Seeing them set it up, and mostly, seeing Nick get into the game that came with the system. It was a blast. A moment I will not forget for quite some time.

Photo 2: I wish I could have seen myself durring my first day back to Curcit Drills at the REC Center, doing all those workouts made me almost give up or puke. But I pulled though. It was hard and I saw that the Travis, a friend of mine also was weiry. I wish I could capture the moment of us dead beet but still sticking with it...

Photo 3: Thee Moment, I wish I could capture wile I was up here, was a little wile back. It was last year, When I was visiting a friend at Nerland Hall on Campus. My friend Travis Larson and Me, were watching the best movie of all! time!. Final Fantasy: Advent Children. Throughout the movie we were grasping chairs, having our hearts stop, start, and becoming releaved through out the movie. When we finished the movie, Travis and I ran! out of Nerland Hall and ment to run back twords MBS Hall. It was on top the hill. We were so lost in the movies awsomeness! that we ended up running down the hill twords the Gas Station/To Go Mart. We didn't even realize we were going the wrong way for a good few minutes. We finally realized and tured around. That and bouncing off the wall tilling other friends how good the movie we saw was, was a moment I will treasure the rest of my life.

Photo 4: A moment I would caputer, isn't so much a big thing, rather it is a recurring thing, I seem to always start to walk twords my old dorm hall. I used to live in Nerland last semester, and I still catch myself turning twords its doors when I walk past it, to where I live now, Wickersham Hall.

Photo 5: The moment I got my Playstaton 3, I bought it near the Fred Myers, on Air Port way. I was so stoked to get it. I shoud have been to, it cast me $600.oo. I bought right after that a game for it. Resistance: Fall of Man. It is the best game for the PS3 as of yet. I am vary pleased with what I got and what game I have gotten for it. Seeing it start up for the vary first time, and learning how it works... priceless. :)

Why I Take Photographs & 5 Pictures I Wish I Took But Didn't

Why do I take photographs? That is actually a really good question. When I was younger I remember looking at old photos that some relative had taken and imagining what it was like to be there. A sort of adventure if you will. But as I grew older and started taking photographs for myself it was more because of the joy of taking pictures then anything else. And later it became partly to remember. To create pictures kind of like the ones I used to look at when I was younger so that my siblings could remember things that had happened when we were younger or maybe one day when I have children they can look at a picture I took and imagine.
Pictures I wish I would have taken but didn't...
* The look on my father's face when my little sister and her fiance called for permission for her to get married. Especially the look considering we don't have contact with our father.
* Sweety, my old female tabby with a double crook in her tail, in a giant blue rubbermaid storage container being a wetnurse to a litter of kittens that belonged to one of our other cats.
* The look on Keavin's face when my sister face when she said 'Yes' after the millionth time of asking her to marry him.
* My adopted niece, all pale and gooey right after she was born. She kind of looked like a Shar-pei. I know its mean, but it was adorable.
* My mom when she was pregnant with my brother or my sister. While she was reading to them, the morning sunlight shining in from the window behind her filtering through her longer blonde hair and looking slightly tired but she still had that healthy, pregnant glow that made her absolutely stunning.

5 photos that were missed.

1. Every night at my house in Glennallen. I work the late shift, and when I get home its about 9-11pm. I look up at the sky and just see...well everything. The sky is so clear you can just sit there for hours wondering how much you can see. I just wish I had those pictures here to remind me.

2. My old roommate Takeshie trying to rootbeer. Some funny stuff how rootbeer tastes to someone from Japan.

3. The time I had 8 people in my Geo Storm. Just image a can of sardines...inside a can of sardines...

4. Everytime my dad takes me fishing. We could have every gadget in the world to tell us where or how to catch just dosent help.

5. The time I tried to shimmy across a gate at a boat dock to get my he-man action figure from my uncles boat...didnt go to well...somthing about divers to to get his keys or somthing...

Five photos I wish I had taken

When our daughter was four years old she decided she wanted to be an Indian Chieftan. We went to a nearby turkey plant and picked up a few hundred turkey tail feathers, took them home, dyed them in many colors, and sewed them into a magnificent headdress that spread out behind her. She attracted much attention as she paraded up and down the street in front of our home pretending to be the real thing. I always planned to take a picture but never did. She does not even remember that headdress.

I never took a picture of the barn on the old home place. It is gone now. It contained so many memories of climbing the ladder to and playing in the loft, carrying grain and water to the animals, feeling the warmth upon stepping inside on a cold winter's night, and smelling that distinctive odor of horses and cows and pigs and cats. I have no visual memory of that barn.

I stood on the footbridge near Pioneer Park and was enthralled by the lovely sunset on the Chena River. A flock of ducks flew into the air and there was a perfect mirror reflection in the rose-colored water of those ducks in the air. Even though my camera was in my hand I was too entranced to snap the shutter until the scene had passed. I have an ordinary picture of a beautiful brilliant rose sunset on the Chena River.

I didn't take a picture of squeamish 22-year-old Jessica in a blood and clamp situation in Indonesia as she held his head and helped remove a tooth from a man who had come into the clinic for help. We have no record of the highlight of her trip.

Denali saw atop a cloud in a pink morning sun as we flew by. My camera was in my carry on but I could not get to it. Even though I never took the picture, it will never fade from my memory.

5 Photos I didn't take

All right, here are 5 pictures I did not take, for some reason or another...

1. This is a picture I did not take of a young fox not three feet from me, watching me as I took the trash out at McDonalds, NP.

2. This is a picture I did not take of the sun on the trees up on UAF Campus, the day was clear, sunny, and you could see for miles... when God's majesty is that great, you can't capture it on film (or memory card as the case may be).

3. This is a picture I did not take of my little brother's face when he watches me do anything...the look of utter awe and admiration.

4. This is a picture I did not take (for obvious reasons) of my face, and the way my heart ceased function, when my girlfriend came back from Arizona

5. This is a picture I did not take of me, my friend in AZ, and my girlfriend's brother, hanging out, enjoying each other's company and thinking up grand plans for The Weird Ones (the club we formed... check it out at, or at ).
yeah, so there's my five pictures that I wish I had taken....

Tomas Herbrich's Photography

I like Thomas Herbrich's photography. All of the pictures I saw were Very interesting.

Good Photo

I liked this photo. The ice movement is remarkable

5 Photos I didn't take

1. Mt McKinley on the Clearest day ever
2. Kids playing in a pond in Washington D.C.
3. My vacation to Washington D.C. I forgot my camera at home so I bought a Disposable and it got lost on the way home.
4. Family Vacations when I was a Kid, my parents never remembered the camera.
5. My brother playing football in the State Championship game.

Why I take Pictures?

I wanted to remember when I bought my Camara. Remember all of the times I shared with friends and family, and things I have seen and done.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Picture Correct

I found this great site with lots of photography tips, camera reviews, photoshop tips, etc. Check it out!

pictures i wish i would have taken

a picture that i wish i would have taken is of the sunset today when i was driving to class. The clouds were a pink purple and orange color. it would have been an awesome picture with the tree tops by the road and the mountains in the background.

Another picture i wish i would have taken is a picture of my dog laying in the living room looking out the window. Becuase he was just put down acouple days ago, so i will never beable to take that pic again.

Over thanksgiving i was in New York and i wish that i would have taken a picture of the tall buildings, becuase of how dark they were because the sun light doesnt go into the city. It was differant to go from Alaska to New York.

I also wish i would have taken pictures of the graffiti on the buildings and how rusted the beams were on the Monorail. It was interesting to see how how differant it was in certian parts of the city. Also how differant the lifestyle is compared to alaska.

When we were leaving Back to New Jersey, we were waiting for the train later that evening and the stations were lighted very poorly and there were only a few people waiting. I thought it would have been neat to take a picture of the station with the tracks vanishing into darkness. I also would have liked to try differant affects on photoshop

Why do I take photographs? (#2)

The five photographs were the fortune of bad luck of not having a camera and from that was a disappointment. I will admit though I have had some luck to actually take pictures on my adventures through the wilderness when I had a camera but now only if I had the camera so I could actually show those that of where I was and such...
1. My first picture would have to be my father, I never got a picture from him since my parents divorced in 2001. Since I moved out of the house in '01, my mother has gotten rid of all the pictures of my father, I have no pictures of us when I was a child to an adult. So I will have to make note when I travel back home to take a picture of him and I together.
2. My second picture would have to be when I was back home in 2005 of August visiting. I wish I was able to get a picture of my friend Adam all greased and oil dripping from his mouth as he changed oil in his '59 BelAir.
3. My third picture would have to be outside the Ford Rouge Complex on Miller Road. At times there was this homeless man that would just daze into the majesty of the complex. He was always wearing his 'Sunday's best' as he told me, I would give him $5.oo dollars to tell me another story. (one of my goals is to do pictures of homeless individuals and get their stories)
4. My fourth picture would have to be 'Old Detroit', of times where it was at its peak, of places that are no longer there, places where people could bring back their youth. Maybe Eastern Market or the Riverfront, or where once buildings stood to shine in the glory sky of Detroit.
5. My fifth picture and last would have to be the hockey fight that I was in, instead of being the fighter I would be the photographer of watching my moves in slow motion. I was 16 and defending my life as I struggled to keep my composure, in the end of it though I would try to capture the laugh and smile we had on each other. It's one thing that we have in common as players, we know our fears and at the end we are friends.

How To Choose CD/DVD Archival Media » Ad Terras Per Aspera

How To Choose CD/DVD Archival Media » Ad Terras Per Aspera
Archiving digital photographs is a "big thing". This article lays out some choices and provides some explanations on how to archive. For instance did you know that DVD+R is better then DVD-R? I didn't, but I do now. Glad I did not by a bunch of disks before reading this article.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Things I should have taken a picture of...

1) One of the things I really wish I had been able to take a photo of was of a lone wolf walking down the road in Denali National Park. It just came around the corner and I just looked at it and never thought of getting the camera to take a photo.

2) This one is right up there with the wolf, and it was also in Denali National Park. As our bus drove on a bridge we stopped and saw 3 cute baby foxes sitting on the bridge in a light rain, one of them playing with his reflection in a puddle. In the moment, I again forgot to take a picture.

3) A picture of my dog carrying a toy three times his size and trying to jump up on the couch.

4) Seeing a violet aurora borealis and not having a camera capable of capturing it was agonizing, it was there for about 15-20 seconds and was gone again.

5) The aftermath of my friend shooting a large spongebob doll with hollowpoints at the South Cushman shooting range.

Neatorama » Blog Archive » 13 Photographs That Changed the World.

Neatorama » Blog Archive » 13 Photographs That Changed the World.
Some inspiration. Read the comments and follow the links for other selections.

The Second attempt...I really missed out!!!

Doing this assignment really made me think about all the great pictures I truly missed out on...

1.) Missed out on the before pictures of this was totalled; this is what it looked liked after I fixed it.

2.) Was on a plane flying over Mt McKinley... it was a beautiful clear day and I had no camera. What a site!!!

3.)When I was working on
Shemya Island in Alaska, we saved a "F16" and "A10"; both of these happened within a week apart.

4.) When I was touring all over the western United States in the 80's.

5.) I would have to say the most beautiful place I have ever been to and wished I had tons of pictures is,
"Oregon Shakespeare Festival" (the park) in Ashland, Oregon, which is also the home of, Southern Oregon State College.

Working in cold weather presents problems for both the photographer and equipment

Working in cold weather presents problems for both the photographer and equipment
An excellent comprehensive article on cold weather shooting. I personally use my Olympus E1 with the large battery grip in cold weather. The battery is powerful and the camera is sealed from moisture and dust. The Nikon D200 and the Pentax K10 should also be excellent because the are weather and dust sealed.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

5 Photographs I Wish I Would Have Taken

  1. My dad passed away about four years ago from lung cancer. There was a time before his illness struck him that I did wish that I had my camera handy. My parents were visiting that summer, persuing a strenuous move from Fairbanks to Homer. My husband had taken one of the horses out for a trail ride on his own for the first time. He took such a long time that I began to worry. I took the dogs with me and we followed the tracks of my husband's horse. After a brief search, I gave up and returned home. As I walked down the driveway, dad was waiting for me, sitting at the picnic table under the trees. He was wearing his white t-shirt and his Sears Roebuk gray work pants. He appeared relaxed to me and his tranquil state helped to calm me down. Shortly, my husband arrived all in one piece.
  2. Our dog, Bandit, was laying in front of the wood stove one night. It was -40 outside and seeing that dog laying there beside the fire the way he was comforted me. He was sprawled on his belly, front feet out, and back legs behind him. He reminded me of a super-hero dog, flying to the rescue.
  3. My mom used to play the organ for our church when I was a kid. She really got into her playing and she did beautifully. She'd present herself proudly before the keys, dressed to impress and looking lovely. My sister and I used to giggle at her; she'd dip and sway back and forth, side to side while she played. We'd always get in trouble after church for laughing.
  4. One misty, warm, and especially icy October morning, I was on my way to work. I regularly have to face a large hill in order to make it into town. I never really had trouble with this hill and I thought nothing of it. When I reached to top of the hill, I couldn't help but notice lights down below. When I reached the hill's descent, I witnessed several ditched cars and a bus cast off on all directions of the hill. I, of course, ended up in the ditch as well. Two men who were digging their cars out of the ditch, immediately began working on my truck too. I was reluctant to escape from the ditch mainly because the rest of the hill was an ice rink and I felt quite comfortable where I was. It took ten other ditched cars to encourage police officers to close that section of the highway. All of us had become a community at that point, a little girl was even serving us hot chocolate. About twenty minutes later, the gravel truck arrived. Tow trucks had lined up behind the police barrier, awaiting a race for sales, we were a money pit. It had been an excellent opportunity for pictures as well as photographing those people who had helped me with my truck. If only I had my camera.
  5. There is a tree on the side of College Road. The tree was shaped in a very abnormal state, as if it had been blown half way over and remained in that position. Every time I'd pass that tree, I'd always wonder about it. How did it get that way? At times, I'd even worry. The other night I finally captured a photo of it. Someone had strung lights on it, giving it character. The batteries in my camera were dieing and the picture of that tree made it look even freakier. I had my camera set on Night Illumination. I provided this picture to share. Perhaps you recognize this tree.

Five photographs I should have taken

1. A couple of days ago I saw a dog sled. I should have taken a picture of that because I don’t see those in Finland, although we have some dog sleds there, too.

2. A picture of my first landlady here in Alaska so that I could have shared it with my family and friends at home.

3. I was on a trip in California and saw a lot of beautiful skyscrapers. They looked exceptionally beautiful in the evening when it was dark. I wanted to take many photographs of them but I didn’t know how to (what would be the best exposure, etc.), so that photographs would have looked as good as the buildings actually did.

4. There are many situations when I should have taken pictures but the situation was too fast and/or I was too slow or I didn’t have my camera with me.

5. Often when I come home from my trips and look at the photos I have taken, I am surprised that there are not a lot of pictures. I feel that I should have taken a lot more pictures and this is not enough, although on the trip I have felt that I have taken a lot of pictures...

Learn / Tips / Cold Weather Photography

Learn / Tips / Cold Weather Photography
If we live in Alaska we all have to wrestle with this problem. I good, brief summary of tips.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

5 photographs I should have taken.

(1)The photograph is of my two sons, ages 4 and 8 at that time. They went out to play in the rain puddles wearing boots and raincoats. I watched from the door as one boy went down one sidewalk and the other boy went down another sidewalk at a different angle. Both boys were focussing on their own venture. Both, in unison, picked up his right food and stomped down hard in a puddle then jumped twice with both feet. Watching a dance, mirror image, but neither one was aware of the other at the time.

(2)The photograph is of my cat, Siris, fast asleep laying across my printer with his face in my box of vitamins.

(3)The photograph is of my cocker spaniel, Angel, barking up the wrong tree at a squirrel.

(4)The photograph is of my dad waving from his bedroom window at me as I was leaving to come back home. This was the last time I saw him.

(5)The photograph is of my son who was 6 at the time showing his great, great grandmother how he could wiggle his nose. She wasn't much taller than he was, bent over due to old age. She was just as interested in him as he was in her.

Why I take photographs.

Aleta Geer
CIOS 258-TO1
Assignment 1

Why Do I Take Photographs?

Ever since my aunt gave me and my sister her old Brownie camera in the 50’s I’ve had and interest in taking photographs. I like to capture nature mostly. It changes minute by minute and is never the same. I am impressed by all the different colors, angles, textures, and sounds.

Photographs I Imagine Taking When I Buy My Camera!

When I buy my camera I want to take photographs of my land. Every year the land changes. The vegetation grows each year which causes less sunshine which, in turn, creates a change in the lower level vegetation. Also, I want a camera that films movies with sound so I can pick up the sound of rain falling or the wind blowing.

Luminous-Lint: Home - for Connoisseurs and Collectors of Fine Photography

Luminous-Lint: Home - for Connoisseurs and Collectors of Fine Photography
This is an amazing site, I looked up some of my favorite photographers, like Eugene Richards, and all the information and examples of photography were there. If you love photography, and the history of photography this a crucial site.

TrustedReviews - Digital Photography Tutorial: RAW Usage

TrustedReviews - Digital Photography Tutorial: RAW Usage
Some of you have cameras that can shoot using the RAW format instead of JPEG. There are some advantages to shooting in RAW format and this tutorial explains the concept with simple clarity.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why do I take pictures?

I love to take photographs for many reasons. The most prominent are that I am 5000 miles away from home and want the memories of time spent with my family by my side. I also love wildlife photography. I am always outdoors and when I am not I want to be. Taking photos of places that I see, and scenery that makes me stop, stare, and maybe even have to catch my breath is important to me. I want others to have the same feeling when they loook at the photo that I had when I was there experiencing it. Even if this goal is unreachable I will be shooting for it as long as I have the opportunity to hold a camera in my hand, and have some control over what the outcome of that one simple click is.

5 pictures that i should of taken

The first pic i should of taken is when i was out in denali and saw some dall sheep in the mountains when i was riding the bus into the park. When i saw them, i totally would have gotten good snapshots of them and there was 3 of them. The 2nd photo i should of taken was when i was at a UAF mens basketball game and one of the players dunked the ball on a fast break. It would of been a great sports action photo for my collection since i am a basketball fan. The 3rd photo was when I was at a concert at the blue loon and there was a all female AC/DC tribute band playing there and there was a lot of people there. That would of been of my good memories since i do like AC/DC and their music. I also was with my friends and they would of liked to see a photo of the concert if i took some pictures. The 4th photo i should of taken is when I was moose hunting and saw a cow moose with her calf. That would of been a good photo to take and it would of been a good wildlife photo to share with everybody that i know. The last 5th photo that i really should of taken when i had the chance was to take a picture of me and my coworkers that i worked with from my summer job at Denali. Some of them were good friends and i would of have good memories of them and would not forgot them if i had taken a photo of them when i was working in the park.

5 pictures I should have taken

The most memorable photo that I did not take was when a friend and I were flipping off things. We finally reached a climax for height and though we got a picture it didn't turn out too great and it would have been better had we spent more time setting up the shot. Another picture I wish I would have taken occurred recently on campus when I was walking by a tree that was lit by a string of lights. The color balance of the lighted tree was beautifully contrasted with the dusk sky behind it. A third picture I missed was looking from a high window across the town right at sunset. The -50 degree weather created ice for that blanketed the city and there were reflections from the sky shinning back from the windows in far off buildings. A few weeks ago I wish I had taken a portrait of a friend who was looking especially photogenic. A fifth picture that does not exist occurred about a month ago when there was a gathering of some of my friends where great memories could have been documented but were not.

Why I take photographs

I take photgraphs in order to have pictures so when I am old and unable to go and do I can relive what I have gone and done. I also want evidence of the beauty of Alaska to show friends so they will understand why I want to spend time here. As I have done this I find it has been a healing process to record lovely images to remind me of a generous Creator.

When I purchased my Olympus camera I choose size and battery power that would be efficient to record my hike on the Chilkoot Trail and a trip to Indonesia. I envisioned a pictorial history of both trips. I found that pictures could convey neither the beauty I saw on the Trail nor the lives of the people I met in Indonesia because I didn't kow how to take pictures. My camera didn't record what I saw.
I take pictures for a number of reasons. Capturing memories or things that will never happen again are just some. Like trips to the cabin when we melted a bottle in the fire that looked extremely awesome, or when my twin brother is just making a complete idiot out of himself. I love to take pictures of the scenery we have in our beautiful state. One day when my buddies girlfriend and I where driving to her house; it had been snowing all day. As we drove over the bridge and the moon was out and the pond was still melted but the snow had fallen around it. The moon was hitting the water in such a perfect way and I had no camera to take the picture; well not a good enough one. I never wanted that to happen again. So the last reason I take photographs is because I love to share them with people and I love the looks and complements they give me when they see what I have taken. I write to people all around the world Thailand, England, Russia, are just some of the places. But when they see pictures of Alaska they are amazed, and I love what they have to say about our state.
When I bought my camera, I imagined taking amazing, beautiful, and hilarious photographs, pictures that are artistic. I sometimes drive with my mother to her job in Nenana and on the way the way their beauty is everywhere. From the snow covered trees to some of the valleys, it’s a gorgeous drive. I also love to take pictures of things that my friends and I do. This summer we managed to sneak our way into the Northern Lights Hotel which has been closed for sometime now. But the pictures I could have taken from that rooftop would have been awesome, and when I bought my camera I knew I had to go back their and try this summer. One of the last things I imagined taking pictures of was my family. We are getting older and it’s been years since I have seen my grandparents, aunt and uncles. When I thought about that I knew I had to buy it. My mom isn’t here to take pictures much and I know my grandparents would love some pictures of my brothers and

Why i like to take photographs

I like to take pictures, for many reasons. One of which is memories whenever i have kids i want them to see what my life was like, and what my parents life was like. And they help me remember details of my life at that point. I also like the artist side of photography. I like letting people see they way i see the world. One thing i like to do to help my photos show people what i see is by editing them or catching certain angles. Also photos are great proof of things that you've seen and done.

Why photography?

I enjoy taking pictures because it is a way of expressing what people don’t normally see, or a way of capturing an extraordinary moment in time. For myself, I find photography is the best art form to articulate what I am seeing, feeling or trying to explain. Also, though photography is very artistic, there is also a deep technical side in which I find satisfaction. Besides having vision for art, there is also a great deal to setting up the exposure in terms of depth of field, white balance and ISO not to mention aperture, shutter speed and focus. After that there are great number of ways and angles from which to light a subject. Figuring out the optimum light source is an interesting pursuit and challenge and often adds to the pleasure of taking pictures.

When I bought my camera I had been taking pictures on a Pentax 35mm since childhood. I decided to upgrade to digital because of the wider range of applications such as being able to switch quickly between black and white and color without having two cameras. I also have been inspired by the work of Ansel Adams and a digital camera allowed me to take higher quality photos in remote places without carrying 50 pound packs filled with glass plates as he did. I also imagined taking pictures with more digital expression than was previously possible with a film camera.

Why i like to take photographs?

some of the reasons i like to take pictures is mostly for memories. Its always nice to go back and see how much you or anybody has changed over the years. sometimes whenever I am walking around there might be something that catches my eye and ill take a picture of it. I also take pictures to mess around with them on photoshop.

When i first bought my camera i got it for taking pictures of snowboarding and of just normal day things to remember. I also moved around a lot so i could take pictures of all the places that i have been in my life.

Why do I take pictures?

I take pictures because I want to keep track of change, remember things (whether good or bad), and on a more boring note, for insurance purposes. Let's just say that I have expensive tastes, and a job to facilitate those tastes! But I love to look back and just remember the times I had, and even the reason why I took a particular photo. Looking back, if I had had a digital camera back when I was young.. instead of a film... I would have most probably filled up a 20GB hard drive! But alas, I was young, and film was expensive... well that is about all for me! just as a bonus, here is a shot that I took while camping, and it is now a copyrighted image and has been selected for publication in a photography book... I call it Life is a Road...

Why i like to take Photgraphs

I like to take photographs because i like to remember the stuff that i have done and the places that i have been to. There were times when i really wished that i took photos when i travel and have been doing stuff where i can share them with friends and family. Taking photos are challenging at times especially when they can either turn out bad or good. I like to learn how to take good photos when using my camera. Photos can help me express my artistic side that people have not seen before. I also would like to use photos as documentation or for practical uses when needed to say on the job. I also like to take photos for multimedia use in computer applications since i am studying for my degree in information technology. The skills that i will gain will help me become more proficient with the multimedia aspects with computers and technlogy. When i first purchased my camera, I imagined taking photos of friends and family and events and places that i have been to. If there was a sporting event, i can use my camera to take pictures to share with people who are into sports. I also imagined taking interesting photos that people who would be interested in looking at them. If there is a family events i also imagined to take photos so i can give them to family and keep for my own pleasure on remembering the good times i had with them. So taking this class will help me take good photos that people would like to look at and share. Not only to help me gain additional multimedia skills to put to use with computers and technology.

Why I take pictures

I take pictures for two main reasons, one is to have something physical (or rather digital) to remember things. I enjoy seeing what I've taken pictures of in the past. The second reason is to share my experiences with others, such as my parents, or with some friends online.
I didn't buy the camera I'm using for the class, and it's not mine, but I thought of taking great black & white pictures when I signed up for the class. Pictures of everyday things like icicles, or plants, that we notice but pay no attention to. I also thought of taking pictures of wildlife, landscapes, and mountains.

Why do I take photographs?

I take photographs to look back on to see the changes and show others, I mostly like to take scenery pictures. I really enjoy the beauty of landscape pictures. When taking pictures, I want to capture the moment, so I can enjoy them and others. Now with digital you can do so much and you do not have to worry about wasting film anymore.

I really enjoy taking scenery pictures; sunrises, sunsets, northern lights, moon (night pictures), beaches, mountains, and more. Also I like to take family and project (before and after) pictures. Here is a picture of my new computer!!!

Words are just the half of it.

Pictures are essentially time on a page...stopping time is one thing I wish to see and do. Years down the road I want to see myself and remember why I chose the path I chose. I have to admit I really stink at taking pictures...cutting off peoples heads, thumb over the lens, no flash, shaking...lets just say all of the above. I want to take good pictures that people will actually know what the picture is.

I have to admit that I am a story teller... the whole the story of the fish is this bit -_________- actual size of the fish was this big -_-. Just seeing reactions and resposes of people make me happy. Taking good pictures of good stories is what I want to take pictures of.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

TrustedReviews - Digital Photography Tutorial: Focal Length

TrustedReviews - Digital Photography Tutorial: Focal Length
Excellent tutorial on focal length. The Trusted Review web site also has other well done tutorials on photography.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Why do I take photographs?

I take photographs mostly to keep them as memories. My photos are mainly from different events and situations. I also love to take photographs of my travels. I show my photos to my family and friends so that they can see where I have been and what I have done. Photos are also for me to look at them later and think back those times.

I bought a new camera about a month ago. When I bought it, I imagined I would take a lot of pictures from everywhere and I would almost always carry my camera with me. I especially thought that I would take a lot of pictures of nature, events and travels during my stay here in Alaska. In reality, I haven’t had always my camera with me when I would have needed it but I think I have succeeded so far fairly well to carry out what I had imagined.

Why do I take photographs...

After two years of graphic arts in high school I just began on this spill of what I wanted to do in my life, but soon I found that my calling was not my occupation what I wanted to do. I found that I enjoyed taking photographs on road trips, family, friends, and nature. I also like to capture things outside the box, meaning I just like to capture things that are the rare and unique of what life or the rare of its nature.
When I first got the camera, I thought I would be taking every picture that I wanted, but it turned out that either I didn't have it with me or I had other things that I wanted to do with the scene. I think most of my first pictures were downtown Missoula and The University of Montana, I soon found that enjoyed them, but they were a bit off on focusing and such. I think most by chance of what I took later on up here and down there have really turned out great.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

My Picture Plans

When my husband and I purchased our digital camera, our plans for future photos involved capturing many family occurrences. Life goes by so incredibly fast, we must depend of our cameras to capture every waking minute of it. We live in a very rural area where we don't get through a day without seeing at least one wild animal. There have been lynx, fox, moose and rabbits strolling past our place and it is necessary to have a camera handy. This winter has been awesome this year and I look forward to photographing the remainder of it before the wind hits.

Why I Love to take Photographs!

I have an eleven year old boy named Pedro who is growing more and more every day. Pictures are so important during this stage of his life. My son has always been a central point of my pictures. He has so much life and expression which makes him a great prospect for my future projects. I also enjoy taking photos of my horses. The two, Kao: our 25 year old Morgan gelding and Kissme: our 41/2 year old Thoroughbred/Arabian mare love to be the center of attention. It is always a lot of fun capturing those two in action.

Friday, January 19, 2007

The use of Photoshop - Reuters Blogs

The use of Photoshop - Reuters Blogs
This is an interesting article related to truth in photography and the limits of using Photoshop to manipulate images. The article, in an odd way, also lays out a good Photoshop workflow.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

www.yamasaki / archives index.

www.yamasaki / archives index.
These photographs break all the rules, but are fascinating and, for me, excellent. I love them!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Wandering Photography: Stephen Cysewski

Wandering Photography: Stephen Cysewski
I will be publishing photographs weekly to this web log. Instead of a series of photographs that explore a location or experience I will share individual photographs that for "some reason" I want to share.

Wandering In Seattle: Stephen Cysewski

Wandering In Seattle: Stephen Cysewski
My Christmas break project! There is going to be a magazine portfolio of the Tacoma photographs published in March or April. The photographs were scanned from negatives of photographs that I took in the seventies and eighties.

Scanning Basics 101 - All about digital images

Scanning Basics 101 - All about digital images
If you want to understand and use scanning this web site is essential.