Thursday, March 29, 2007


This is my little sister, and this first photo is the one that looked the way I intended it to be. I brightend it with photoshop.

This one I just experimented with the color chanels.

This one I made black and white thought it looked pretty good.

The original looked ok, but the first one, the one I brightend looks the best and does change the way you look at the picture.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

3 Different projects

From the original picture I took, I cut out this stack of silicon balls from the original picture and created a different blue background on photoshop.

For the second picture I rotated The stack of balls and changed the levels to give them a less pastel look. Then I copied a ball, cut it in half, copied it, and replaced it to create a full ball. With this new green ball I expanded the design. I also changed the background and experimented with filters.

For the third picture I used the same stack of balls but made an image composite of my hand in a computer, my hand, and a mountain background. I combined these images and placed the balls in my hands to create this effect.

Week 8


Basic Fixes:
I'm Feeling Lucky (once)

Fill Light, 1/8
Shadows, 1/16

Warmify (once)

I took a photo of this with 400 ISO, yet it still came out less than expected. However with the fallowing tune-ups as stated above, you can see the big difference!
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enhanced photo

I wanted to see what it would look like if i only used the color green in the picture. so i used the magnetic laso tool and cropped all of the green areas and the red pool table. then I desaturated all of the unselected areas. Then i used the i drop tool to sample green off of one of the balls and then turned the red table into green.


Two reasons; this darn weather and working with the glare from the droplight…
This is what I would do for my work flow, to this original picture.

Make the colors more real and lighten it up; hue, saturation, and lightness

Next cut down that glare from the droplight (yeah right!!!). Well I tried for over 6 hours to do this and finally yesterday I began to read the book (Elements 4.0). I want to get 5.0, but no funds. (I truly want to know this, I am missing something, but I am so irritated.

Cropped down the picture, to get some of the mess out of the picture

Before and After

Here I experimented with the techniques for color cast shown in the DVD instead of my normal route for color cast correction as found under Photoshop: >Enhance>adjust color. The new way work considerably better and I was able to control exactly how I wanted things.

Alternative Viewpoints: Edicion Tres

All right... here is my original picture...

Then here is my first edit... I selected the roses and then lightened them. Thus bringing out the detail while leaving the background dark and unfocused. simple yet effective.

Second, this is where I had a little fun with the curves command box inside an adjustment layer....i also used an adjustment layer to convert the background to B&W.
Finally, for the third iteration of Rozez, I copied the roses onto a new layer then using the free transform command made it a little big bigger then lowered the opacity to about 45%. The main picture I went into the levels command box, and then lightened it till it was a pale picture.. perfect for a background!

Week 9-3

Pic. 3
Sharpen (once)
Fill Light: 3/8ths
Highlights: 1/8th
Shadows: 1/6th
Color Temp.: 1/4 past half (half was were it started)

In this photo, I sharpened the photo, and made the the overall picture more prodominate. I made the colors brighter, for example the shirt of the moose is slightly brighter than before, and the emvolope is more its natural color, lastly what suprised me was the color temp. control in Tuning. It allowed me to make the door stand out more and make it seem like it was a newer door than it is. I liked that.

Week 9-2

Week 9:
Pic. 2
Sharpen (once)
Filtered B&W, used "Pick Color" and used color selection and chose between green and white/blue. 1/4 inch from top.

For this one I was trying something like Black and White, however I didn't like the lack of control the B&W Effect had, so I used Filtered B&W instead. It allowed me to control what colors stood out more, even if they were in black and white. I like what I did. I made the shirt of the moose more Notisable and darker.

Week 9-1

Week 9:
Pic. 1
Sharpen (once)
Soft Focus, focused on moose. Just above nose on right side.

Using the Picasa2 for the first photo, I made it so that the moose is the main focus. By using Soft Focus, I was able to make the moose pop out.

exploring new ideas for picture

I played with the color temp, but mostly added depth with
highlights and shadows to make the brick richness standout

This is when I cropped out the date and filled in the background
with black to give the bell tower looking like it was standing out
in the dark

This is one of the editing I did to the picture, I first cropped out
the date and did b&w to the picture to add retro look and I straighten

This is the orig. picture of the University of Montana - Missoula, picture
was taken during the late afternoon hours in Jan of 2003 when I attended
The Univ. of Montana and lived in the greater Missoula area.

Previous Homework!

I thought I had posted the homework before but obviously something happend.

Had some fun messing around with this photo, had so many diferent versions. Just posted the two.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Three Alternative Intentions

I took this picture as a memory to take home. For me this place represents something American, what we don’t have in my country.

First I cropped the photograph so that it represents better my intention. Then I adjusted the lighting levels, I darkened the highlights from the slider and added saturation. I also sharpened it just a bit. I think this looks much better than the original.

I wanted to see the picture in black and white, so I converted it. I selected Infrared Effect –style. This picture looks really different in black and white than in coloured. Black and white gives the photo an older atmosphere, like the picture was taken many years ago.

For the third photograph I copied the background and used hue/saturation –tool. I set the saturation to -100, so the photograph came out black and white. Then I used black brush on the mask to reveal some colour. I think this looks also nice, different than the others.

My 3 edited photos

Here is my original Photo!

I have sharpened the image in my photo using picassa background effect and have used used the basic fix tools and use the auto contract to add effect to this photo.

I have used the Filter B&W in the effects in picassa and have cropped my photo to get more of the ice sculpture in the photo.

Before and After

Alright, the effect here is not very susceptible, but its there.

While it may look green in the air, there was a lot of smoke being produced and the green flame showed right through it. You will also notice the wire screen at the bottom is better visible.


I screened it a couple times, used unmask sharpen, and croped it.


I used the hard mix a few times and croped it.


I screened it a few times, then used the red channel
and grayscale to get rid of the other channels. then I croped it.
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One photo--three impressions

This ornamental kale was growing at Pioneer Park last summer. I did not capture the full beauty of the sun shining on the raindrops but it is still a lovely picture.

For this view I used auto color correction and then did further adjustment under Adjust color, hue/saturation. Hue was set at -3, saturation at -54, and lightness at -16 so it would bring out the background greens and yellows. I then used filter, blur, posterize so it would look more like a painting than a photo. I used layers to work in each of the photos. In fact I did a new background with each change so I could easily delete any changes I didn’t care for. This is a feature I appreciate having available. I like this picture on the computer and think I will have it printed in a poster to see if I really like it. I have found I enjoy working with the pictures as much as I enjoy taking them!

For the second view I wanted to leave it much as it was except blur the background so only the kale itself would get the attention. I used auto smart fix which made the plant a bit paler and I did not make further adjustments to the plant itself. To blur I used the filter, blur, gaussian blur and set the blur at 20.5 pixels. I used the lasso tool to identify the blurred area. I found it necessary to crop the picture after I used the blur because I was not careful enough with the lasso tool and had some bright spots around the edges of the picture. This was my first time using the lasso and blur and I think I will use it as I become more efficient with it. Auto smart fix was probably not the best choice here but it has worked for me on other pictures.

I wanted to give it a dark velvety look with vivid raindrops so that is the effect of this view. I decided there was no need to crop it. I did apply auto contrast. Then under Lighting—Shadows and highlights: I adjusted the lighten to 16%, darken to 19%, and mid tone to 65%. Brightness, -59; Contrast, +50. Levels : input 213, output, 255. I choose the backlight view under Adjust color curves. These tools allowed me to make the picture look similar to what I had in mind. I especially like the lighting options. The contrast seems to be too stark in most instances but for this version it was what I wanted. I tried to use the soften brush on another picture but didn’t have success.

I have created a blog which will eventually contain pictures of and comments about all the houses I have stayed in while house sitting in and around Fairbanks. If you care to read about my experiences and see some of the pictures you may log onto