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The How-to of my camera

It's all pretty simple and user friendly -

How do you adjust the ISO?
Once the camera is on, the ISO is adjusted by clicking the ISO button, it goes from 50, 100, 200, and 400.

How do you adjust color balance?
Hit ‘menu’ button, and scroll down to ‘my colors’.

How do you set exposure compensation?
By clicking ‘menu’ and scrolling down to ‘exposure compensation’. Then move the arrow to either the left or right.

How do you set file size and compression?
By clicking ‘menu’ and scrolling down to ‘resolution’ to alter file size, and ‘compression’ to alter compression.

How do you set the exposure meter mode?
Clicking ‘menu’ and hitting ‘manual’ setting, then scroll down to the exposure meter.

How do you set macro focusing?
There is a single button on the back of the camera that sets macro focusing.

How do you set the flash mode?
There is a single button on the back of the camera that changes flash mode. It does Auto, Always, Red-eye, and None.

Nikon D70


How to adjust or set almost everything in the Nikon D70, you have to push on of the button to the left on the back of the camera, and turn the weel on the top to right either in the front or the back. Then you can see your changes in the small display on the top of the camera. (If it's dark you have a small button to the right for this display and give you light)

Well, I have made a small thing that show you have to configure the Nikon D70, take a look at it here:

ISO from 200 to 1600, or you can set ISOauto

White balanse can changes from automat, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Dir. Sunlight, Flash, Cloudy, Shade and Present.

Exposure compensation is from -5,0 EV to +5,0 EV in stepps on 1/3 EV.

File size can be be change very easily from size basic small (200kb) to raw (over 5 mb)

Exposure meter mode can be 3D matrix, centre or point mesuring

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

TrustedReviews - Digital Camera Tutorial: Composition (Part 1)

TrustedReviews - Digital Camera Tutorial: Composition (Part 1)
Another good tutorial from Trusted Reviews

camera functions

How do you adjust the ISO?

Top menu [MODE MENU] [CAMERA] [ISO] [AUTO] / [80] / [100] /
[200] / [400]

How do you adjust color balance?

1 Press the up/down arrows to adjust the
saturation between [+5] and [-5].
• To increase the saturation (+) :
Press the up arrow Colors become darker
and more intense.
• To reduce the saturation (–) :
Press the down arrow Colors become lighter.

How do you set exposure compensation?

Press left and right arrows to select a setting.
• Adjust toward +: Press right arrow to adjust up to
+2.0 EV in 1/3 EV
• Adjust toward –: Press left arrow to adjust up to
-2.0 EV in 1/3 EV

How do you set file size and compression?

Press the menu button press the arrow to the left then
Select a record mode from
[SHQ], [HQ], [SQ1] and [SQ2].

How do you set the exposure meter mode?

For spot metering
Top menu [MODE MENU] [CAMERA] [AE/AF] [AE] [ESP]

For multi metering
Top menu [MODE MENU] [CAMERA] [AE/AF] [AE]

How do you set macro focusing?

Press the flower symbol button repeatedly to
change the macro setting to regular macro or
super macro.

How do you set the flash mode?

1 Press the flash button.
• The flash pops up.
2 Select a flash mode by
repeatedly pressing the lightning bolt symbol

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Hoped everyone had a great weekend. I created blog at
I love to hear your comments about some of the photos I have taken. I will also be posting my assignments here.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Exploring Digital Photography

Exploring Digital Photography
Sure wish I could keep up with all of you......this is my first blog ever computer skills are limited, my little Kodak camera has limited capabilities, but I'll try to hang in there! I have 400 pictures in my computer I have cropped, enhanced and I shared some with friends, now really need to organize them! I still have them all on my memory card in my camera, am affraid to get rid of them, in case they disappear from my computer!
I got that small camera for the trip of my life time in Antarctica next January and I need to know what I'm doing by then, maybe?
So, don't laugh.......I really need that class!

Camera manual

Adjust the ISO?
- Manually adjusting the ISO is only possible using the creative zone modes (P, Tv, Av, M & A-DEP). There's a quick button next to the LCD display for the "ISO" which lets me go to the menu options and select either ISO 100, 200, 400, 800 or 1600 speed.

Color balance?
- Does this mean the white balance? If not, then I don't know how to adjust it on my camera.. If it means the WB, there's a similar button next to the screen "WB" which allows me to choose from 8 different options, auto, day light, shadow etc.. Works also only using the creative zone modes.

Exposure compensation?
- I can under/over expose my picture in the creative zone modes by simultaneously pressing down one button (Av+-) and turning another (Main Dial).

File size and compression?
- I go to menu and from the first tab I select size/compression. This will allow me to choose from L(3456x2304), M(2496x1664) or S(1728x1152). For each size there are two possible compression settings: fine and normal. Here I can also choose if I want to take pictures in RAW+JPG or only in RAW.

Exposure meter mode?
- In the creative zone modes I press a button next to the LCD. This is a button with a square marking and something in the middle of the square, looks almost like en eye. This takes me to the menu where I can select between evaluative metering, partial metering and center-weighted averaged metering.

Macro focusing?
- This is one of the basic zone modes. I need to choose this mode, focus, zoom and shoot. All the metering will be automatically done by the camera.

Flash mode?
- In the creative zone modes I can choose to have the flash burst even if it doesn't automatically pop-up. This can become handy if there's too much light coming from behind the object, a person for example. To choose not to have a flash at all, I need to turn the dial to the non-flash auto mode. In the basic zone modes flash photography is fully automatic. In creative zone modes, flash can be used whenever necessary. Canon EOS 350D offers an extensive line of features for playing around with the flash and I really don't know yet how it all works.

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5 Photographs I Wish I had Taken

I just created my first blog site. Yahoo! If you like you can read about the 5 photos I wish I would have taken and didn't at my site. The url is

I will post my assignments there and will post lots of pictures soon. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Five photographs I wish I took and didn't

I've put up the assignment for this week on my blog. You can get there by following the link in this post. I also found a review of Photoshop Elements version 5 done by PC Magazine. It is also listed on my blog.

5 photos I did not take

College Parties

The crazy parties definitely come with the college life. Last year we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in our tiny apartment. Everywhere you looked was green from cups, to steamers, to hats, to balloons, to confetti, and our clothes were even green. I wish I captured all the laughter and craziness that was going throughout that night.

The Soccer Life

I wished I had a photo of this day…all my life I've been playing soccer for my dad's law firm. About two summers ago our team was unstoppable. We won game after game after game…it was the happiest feeling in the world. When we made it to the championship we were all pretty nervous, excited, and a bit tired because it was eight in the morning. We played our hearts during that game if we stumbled or fell we would keep on going. In the second half we were in the lead 2-0 and after that last whistle blew we jumped for joy and ran allover the field saying we’re number one.


Willy was our friendly energetic golden retriever that we dearly loved. Even though he bugged us when we were watching TV or when we were trying to eat at the dinner table. I remember on the night before Christmas we must have had five pies laid out and ready for Christmas brunch the next day. As we woke the next day we had a huge surprise in stored for us. Willy, the trouble-maker, ate all our delicious pies!! When I reached high school Willy became old and very weak so one day we took him to the vet and put him to sleep. I will never forget Willy, but I wish I had more photos of him.

No One Cared

I know this sounds pretty harsh, but I’m not too fond about beta fish. My mom used to have this bluish beta fish that she loved so much. Some how the fish got sick and his tail began to rot. Everyone knew this fish was done for by the looks of it, but my mom kept giving it medicine day after day. One day I heard my mom squeal, “He’s dead!” She then took out the fish net and scooped the poor guy out of the tank. My mom walked slowly towards me with the fish and said, “Would you like to say any last words.” I probably had the most confusing look on my face and I just had to laugh. I’m thinking it’s just a fish for goodness sake flush the fish down the toilet. I wish I took a photo of my mom right when she said those words because she sounded so sad and convincing.

Cruising in the Caribbean

A long time ago my grandma treated my mom, sister, and I to a cruise ship in the Caribbean. We were busy bees on that ship attending all the amazing shows and attending activities on and off the ship. I believe I got caught up in all the fun that I felt like I didn’t have the time to take any photos around or off the ship. I was going to take a photo of the stingrays but for some reason I thought it would distract them. I wished I took photos on the cruise so I would have a better memory of the whole trip.

Five photographs that I did not take, but wished I had.

Sliding moose
About 6 years ago I was hunting fox. And I didn’t have my camera. It was some snow and a lot of ice in the forest this day. Like you normally do on fox hunting, I was waiting for the fox to come. Suddenly to moose was coming out of the forest on the top of a summit, a cow and a calf. The calf couldn’t stand on his feet because of the ice, and he slide al the way to the bottom, about 50 feet. It would be a funny picture.

Policemen in Anaktuvuk pass
When I was at a ceremony at Anaktuvuk pass in the north of Alaska two weeks ago, we were about 200 hundred people in a school. We was eating cakes and drinking coffee there. There were also two policemen there. But they didn’t only have their uniform; they also have a revolver in the belt and body armour. I have never seen policemen with revolver and body armour, on a place where people are eating cake before. I should have taken a picture of them.

A man in the forest
Me and a friend of my, met and old man on a trip in forest, near my home in Norway. He had a little cabin there and knew the forest very well. He was picking a lot of mushroom every fall. We met that man a lot of times after that. He had always a good story to tell. The man walks with a stick, and had always had his glasses in the brow. One day we suddenly heard that the man was dead, and we never took a picture of him.

A picture of farm
I visited a farm one time, where everything looked like the old times. When I arrives the farm, I first met a pig and a goat. They were running out of the barn. They used horse instead of a tractor to do the work on the ground. Also the people were dressed up like in the old times. This was not a museum, but people, that want to do the work in the same way their grandparents did. This would ha been a good place to take pictures, and especially the moment where the pig and the goat is running out of the barn too meet me, I remember very clearly.

Trout-fishing in Rendalen
At one fishing trip to a place called Rendalen in Norway, I got a lot of large trouts. The fishing was especially good this time, but the whether was horrible. It was raining and thundering, but when you get so much fish you like that kind of whether. If I had a camera at that trip I had want to catch the atmosphere with the clear river, the fish in the end of line, and the heave rain. A picture like that would give me good feelings.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Exploring Digital Photography

Photos I wish I had taken but didn't:

1) A friend of mine doing an Aikido demonstration was placed in an arm-crippling lock. To escape the lock he sprung into the air over is opponent with his legs locked out and pointed like a diver. While in the mid-flight of his escape I wished I had a camera to capture the cool moment, and his odd body positioning.

2) While on a hunting trip a friend of mine was hunting for moose. On our walk we came across a Roughed Grouse, and he wanted to shoot it. Lacking the appropriate firearm to take out a small bird, he reasoned himself to throw a machete at the bird. He wound up and threw the blade as hard as he could, missing the head by a mere inch or two. I tried to capture the moment on camera, but was completely obstructed by a tree.

3) While on a helicopter flight to the Herbert Glacier in Juneau, I handed off my camera to a friend of mine who was going to be sitting in the front seat (since he should most likely have the best view to take photos). While on the flight we passed a place called Hidden Valley, which had very steep hills to each side filled with lush vegetation, and a misting waterfall. I wished I had my camera back during that part of the trip.

4) While at the gym, some friends of mine were ending the hard day with some pull-ups. The exercise made their muscle striations, blood vessels, and even sweat all come alive in an exaggerated manner. I was too timid to want to take a photo of them while in the gym, but I wish now that I had. Their faces were so funny. ;)

5) While on the Chilkoot trail I came to a place called Happy Camp. (though it wasn’t very happy at the time) The rivers had flooded and changed course, right through the trail I was walking. With the rapid elevation changes in the trail, there came a spot where the trail just dropped down (though clearly marked) and disappeared into the rushing currents. Ropes were tied tree to tree for people who still wanted to brave the waters (which I of course did) – but thinking back on it now, I sorely wished I had taken a photo to capture the ridiculous sight of the trail diving into the river.

Photographic Intention

-When I was working back in the Talkeetna Mountains. We were at camp eating breakfast and a bear came into camp and stood up out of the brush 5 feet behind the two guys I was working with. I wish I would have had a picture of the look on their face when they turned around.

- I wish I had more pictures of me with my family and all our trips we took. A lot of memories that will probably be forgotten.

-When I drove a loader 40 miles to pick up a truck and car that was abandoned and the look on the guys face when I dropped the vehicles behind his truck because he was shooting on private property. He left very quickly.

-Hiking down the 40 mile river near the Canadian border this fall during sunset with my girlfriend. I would have taken the picture but my camera died.

- When I was in Italy I rode on a bus to Rome where the bus driver hit three vehicles and drove off. I wish I had a picture of the old lady standing up and yelling at him in Italian.

Five pictures I did not take

First: I was in Africa for one month last summer, and we were on a trip with the train. I would like a picture of that train. It was old, went slow and had a rustic look. And we were on that train for total 24 hour! Why I not was able to take the picture? We were 6 persons and had little time. The station was big whit many (MANY) persons, and we was told it could be dangerous to walk alone and maybe miss the other in our group.

Second: We hunt moose in Norway with dogs. I want to get a good picture of the dog and the moose in the forest. But that is hard. When I see it, I am on hunting myself and the camera is too big to always have with you together with other gear like the gun, the dog, food and water without have any backpack. The backpack is too big if you hunt with dogs.

Third: Good pictures of people I know in their everyday work. I don’t know, but I feel that I am disturbing. Maybe that is only a feeling I have.

Fourth: Good animal picture for example a grouse. Imagine a sharp eye catch pictures of grouse, special with a nice background.

Five: More pictures of me. I am the only people in the circle of friends that take pictures. Well, it’s hard to get many pictures of yourselves if you take the pictures. Of course, you can use the tripod but that is harder to get good everyday pictures of me in that way.

My website is Check it out for pictures from Alaska . The page is under construction and hope it getting better. Enjoy.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

5 pics not taken

5 Pics I didn’t take, but I wish I had…

This is kind of hard trying to think back of the moments not captured on film…

1. I wish I could be enough courageous to take pictures in the open, of people I don’t know. There are a lot of occasions when I think this is not an appropriate place or time to take a picture, even though it would be the most perfect time to take one or two. For example when you’re shopping at a local store, at school, at work etc… This is one thing why I haven’t taken some pictures I wish I had, the lack of courage to take the camera out of my pocket…

2. As a kid, we went to England for two months with my brother to spend the summer with our relatives there and I came back only with one photo. I wish I had taken more pictures back then.

3. I haven’t got practically any photos of my friends back home. This is intertwined with the first one…

4. Either didn’t have my camera with me, or…

5. …the moment was too short to take a picture, cannot specify which particular moments those were, sorry…

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L3CIOS258TO1.pdf (application/pdf Object)

L3CIOS258TO1.pdf (application/pdf Object)
The week 3 lesson outline is posted. There are many links about basic concepts of photography. We will be covering camera skills for three weeks.

Dan's Gallery

Some pictures I have taken from the town I study, the town where I live and from my travels. The Gallery can be found by clicking here

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Describe, briefly, five photographs that you did not take, but wished you had?

- When I moved right before I went to get married I wish I had gotten at least one picture of the truck loaded and the people who helped, as this was the day before I left town and what an experience this all was, including be a stepping stone of my life, stressful, joyous and crazy.
- When the black bear scurried across the road almost directly in front of our truck and went down the embankment into the woods
- Getting fitted for my wedding dress. My friend Jodi was so stressed out and worried my dress would not be done in time, though I will write about it in my journal catching some of the intimate details and expressions to help with the documentation would have been better
- Kenon, my husband receiving his diploma from UAF. I have the program, the announcement but no real good pictures for this momentous occasion
- Pictures or at least one picture of my grandfather from a visit to his home in Florida when I was 16. My grandfather passed away soon after we visited him and I do not have any picture from our visit and it is something I can never get back.

My photograhic Intention By Ava Vent

The one photograph that I wish I took is of my late grandpa and grandma Robert and Mary Vent. I wish I took more pictures of them before thier passing because I would like to share them with my two daughters one day.

The second photograph I did not take and wish I did was of my college journeys. I also wish I took more photos as a child to see how much my hometown has changed. I also wish I took more pictures of my experiences in education over the past 4 years at UAF. The last picture I wish I took was of me and my friends from home standing near "Horse Shoe Hill" having a good ol' time!!!

Why do you take photographs?

I take photographs to keep fond memories and to convey experiences to those not able to partake in the ‘adventure’. Mostly this is stemmed from the passing away of my father, and realizing that throughout my family’s vast collection of photos, there are not many of him. I cherish the ones that I do have to remind me of him, and in a way have made a small conviction to myself that I would leave behind plenty of photos for my family should something happen to me. (Living in the Fire Service, such a possibility is significantly higher than most occupations)
The photographs I have taken are almost always of people, particularly my friends ‘doing’ stuff. I used to collect profile shots, but after seeing my collection, I found that I enjoyed the ‘action’ shots more that occurred ‘during’ and activity. I have a pretty balanced collection now, because I’ve found that others (who I hope to leave the photos behind for) seem to enjoy the profile shots more.
The photos that I hope to take when I bought my camera were of the action genre. My camera is compact, small, and fairly decent resolution (5.0 MP) so I can take it with me wherever I go, and has a very quick response to the ‘on’ button for when I just decide to take a quick photo in the middle of something going on.

Why do I take photographs?

I take photographs to save memories. The last years I have not been taken so many photopraphs as I did some years ago. The reason is that I don`t have a digital camera. Now I have planned to buy a new camera, and maybe you can help me to find one.

I like to have pictures of friends and family from vacations and other places I have been. It`s nice to look at pictures and think about how nice it was at that specific trip. I also like to take pictures of things that impress me, like beautiful nature, tall buildings or big machines.

When I am bying a new camera I want to catch good fishing rivers and the landscape into my computer. In the wintertime I like to see pictures from the summer, and in the summer I like to see snowpictures. Wait for the snow to come back.

Since I got adobe photoshop five years ago, I have tried to get the pictures look better in the program. Before that I used some programs that was included when I bought my first scanner. I like photoshop and I hope I can learn more about the program.

Why do I take photographs?

Why do I take photographs?

I enjoy the possibility to visually express myself.
I want to take photos that address people.
I just don't have the knowledge and the touch to do it yet.
I like photos which I can say "WOW" to, whether it is of a
person, of a building, animal, an angle I haven't seen before..
I want to take pictures I enjoy looking at maybe even
thinking, "did I do that, did I take that photo? Was I there
at thetime the picture was taken?" And being able to
answer: "Yes!". I'm a student of marketing and hope that
to some extend I will be able to make use of my photographic
skills in my future work, whether it would be taking
photos, editing photos, or being generally involved with

What photographs I imagined taking when I bought my camera?

All kinds of photos that interests me. Pictures of my
surroundings, where I go, my family, the nature, what I do,
etc. Digital camera gives so much opportunities in respect
of editing, deleting unwanted pictures, almost limitless
number of pics limited only by the size of your memory card.
I need to find out how to take impressive photos.

Why do I take photographs?

Over the past few years I have been able to travel around the United States and Europe. This past winter I had the wonderful experience to live and travel throughout Europe for seven months. Many of my memories are preserved by digital photos. From documenting my experiences, the architecture, and scenery that these places have to offer I took over three-thousand pictures. For me pictures are memories that provide a visual story that I can share with friends and family. Since returning home from Europe I bring my camera with me everywhere I go to try and capture a good shot or to document something I did. I will be in Oregon later this fall and will be traveling around the United States, the Caribbean and Central America. I hope to continue preserving the wonderful memories that I know I will experience at each destination.

Assignment 1: Why do I take photographs?

I have a blog i just started on Vox, a new blogging service by Six Apart, Inc. I will use that blog for the class, please follow the link for my assignment, or go to

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Student Questionaire

CIOS 258 Student Questionnaire

Name: Katrina Lynn Paul (Nelson)

Email Address for joining web log:

1. What camera do you currently have?
Canon Digital Rebel XT EOS

2. How well do you know how to use your camera?
I know how to put my camera on auto then point and shoot

3. Do you have your camera manual? Have you read the manual?
I have my manual, but I have only read it as I have needed to figure something out.

4. How many digital photographs, roughly, do you have on your computer or stored on CD’s?
Between work and home I have thousands of pictures on my hard drive, shared drive, and on CD’s.

5. Do you have many negatives that you would like to digitize? Roughly, how many?
Currently I do not have any, but I know my parents do and I would like to learn how to do this for future reference.

6. Do you have experience with Photoshop or other photo editing software? Describe your experience briefly.
I have some basic (very basic) Photoshop use. I have used Photoshop to crop, zoom, and do some basic editing, blurring, and cloning.

7. Are you a comfortable computer user? Would you briefly describe your experience?
I am comfortable using a computer; I use one at work for most of the day. I am proficient in Microsoft office, Dream weaver, Internet usage and various other programs. I have a very basic knowledge of Photoshop, Quark, PageMaker, and Adobe Acrobat

8. Can you list a least five things that you would love to learn from this course?
ü Altering photos into B&W and/or Septra
ü What all the settings on the camera mean, and why one would use them
ü How to use Photoshop to edit my pictures
ü How to use blogs efficiently and effectively
ü Understanding resolution, pixels, size and formats better

Why do I take photographs?

Taking pictures has always been a way of documenting an event or place, being able to capture that moment in time that would otherwise be lost forever in the cracks of the mind. I love to scrapbook, and work on creating the storybook effect on my life and my family’s lives covering pertinent events and happenings. It is also great to be able to get those candid shots and be able to email them out to my parents and brothers to keep them apprised and involved in my live and vise versa(as a aunt to five beautiful kids I love receiving pictures as I only get to see them maybe once a year). Recently I have begun taking pictures for our campus and I am trying to get those pictures that capture the essence of our students and the campus surroundings. I hope to create that positive image that draws students, faculty, partners, and funders to our different campuses whether it is in person or completing the story or maybe even telling the story. I have not been as successful as I want to be which is partly why I am taking this class,

Why do I take photography?

Why do I take pictures?

Well, I think that is hard to answer. Let’s start from the beginning, I like be outside in the forest, I like wild country far away from people and I like animals. All the beautiful landscapes I discover out there inspire me, and I want to share it with other people. I want to capture all the beauty I see in the forest, print big pictures, put them on the wall in my apartment and enjoy and remember that moment I had in the forest. I also like to take pictures of wild animals, mostly because it is a bigger challenge to get good wild animal pictures. I know how hard it is to take a powerful image of an animal and I respect photographers who can do that. You have to be ready every second; you have to read the landscape and you have to know the animal you take pictures of to capture that great shot. And you have to spend a lot of time to get one good picture. I also work for the government in Norway with wildlife and the damage they do on farm animals. We have to document this with pictures and written statements about the damage. So I also want to be good technically in photography.

I have a Nikon D70 with 3 lenses (Tamron 90 mm F2.8 Macro; Tamron 70-300 F4-5.6; Nikon AF-S 24-120mm F3.5-5.6 G with VR). I also plan to get a wide lens, maybe a Tamron 14 mm F2.8 or something, that takes nice landscape pictures (if you know how to use it ).

There is a moment I can think back to, where I asked myself, “Why didn’t you take a picture of that?” The reason is very simple. It was a moment where a lot was happening, for example, hunting and I am not always able to be ready. The biggest problem with Nikon D70 and all other digital SLR: is that they are big cameras, so you can’t just have them in your pocket and always be ready for the right moment to capture the right photo. You can’t go downhill skiing with D70, and you can’t fish when you take pictures. You have to decide if you want to take pictures or if you want to go downhill skiing. I want both.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Digital Photography Lesson 1

Lesson 1 Assignment- 9/7/06
Photography Introduction
By Ava Vent

I take photographs to catch memories of my family, as I grow older. I’ve been taking pictures over the last 14 years. I take pictures when I go on trips with my family and friends. I like to look back at pictures and try to remember what was going on the moment that I took the picture. I like to see how things change over the years, especially my two daughters.

This camera (Kodak) was given to me as a gift for Christmas last year. Since then I’ve been taking pictures of my family and friends in Huslia and here in Fairbanks. I have great pictures of the winter activities that take place in Huslia like the junior spring carnival, Halloween carnival, Easter egg hunt, and Christmas gift exchange at the Huslia Hall. I also took pictures of three summer weddings, two in Huslia and one in Allakaket (Koyukon village). Some of my pictures consist of the 4th of July and the 2006 Tanana Valley State Fair – family fun. I imagine holding onto these pictures for a long time so that someday my girls will look back at them and watch themselves grow! Until then I will learn all I can on how to edit and enhance photos with my digital camera.

Friday, September 08, 2006

CIOS 258 Digital Photography Cysewski

CIOS 258 Digital Photography Cysewski
I have created a public Google Notebook where I have clipped many useful bits of information about photography. It will be a great tool for the course. Please look around. I also highly recommend Google Notebooks, it is a great program for gathering information.