Saturday, September 29, 2007

Week 3 Lesson by Kathy Adams

The world is a big place and sometimes it is can be frightening if you don't keep your focus where it should be.


I am finding it difficult to pick a "favorite photographer" just yet, but when I looked at Michael Frye's work I could really relate to it. He takes pictures of things I'd like to take pictures of. There are two links because one tells you a little about him and one shows you some of the pictures he takes.

To learn a little about Michael Frye go to:

To see photos by Michael Frye go to:

JPG Magazine: Brave New Photography

JPG Magazine: Brave New Photography
This is another link to look at to see contemporary photography.

Photo & Photographer I like...

The photo I picked is a picture from the 2005 American League Division Series against the New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers. It has both Alex Rodriguez and Curtis Granderson looking up at the umpire after a close play. I’m a really big Yankee fan, so even though the Yankees lost this series, I think it’s a really interesting picture.

The photographer I picked is Jeff Lewis. I am a big sports fan and I really like sports photography. He has a lot of pictures from the 2006 MLB season, as well as NBA and NFL. His photography shows all the action of the sports and I really enjoy that.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Roger M. Marty - CIOS 258 Lesson Week 3

The photographer I choose is none other than Steve McCurry.

Find Steve's wonderful works at:

Roger M. Marty - CIOS 258 Lesson Week 3

The photograph I like was taken by Steve McCurry and was on the cover of National Geographic in 1985. You will find it here:

The eyes of this young woman tells a million tales.


This site is worth exploring. There is a wide variety of photography.

Digital black and white photography

Digital black and white photography
An excellent introduction to black and white photography.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Photo & Photographer I Like

This is a photo I realy like. I think it has realy good detailed color.

This is the photographer I like:

Nikon Digital Learning Center on Flickr

Nikon Digital Learning Center on Flickr
This might be a good resource for learning photography. You do not need to have a Nikon camera to use it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dutch Iris photo & Ron Parson's photographs

Beautifully isolated picture of a single deep blue purple Iris by Sylvia Cole on Flicker... click the URL to appreciate the photo:

It was hard to determine who should get credit for being my favorite photographer; after much research I came up with RON PARSONS a reknown orchid photographer. To see his photographs on the website click on this site:


5 photographs I wish I had taken

1. I have always wanted to see a wolf, and when I finally did in Denali, it was perfect. I was watching the wolf with binoculars, and it was close enough to fill the viewing circle. The wolf looked very majestic in how it moved, and then it squatted and peed quickly. It managed to pull it off and still look suave and hardcore like a wolf should. I really wish I had taken a photo of that exact moment, but I don't think it would really have been possible with a small digital camera, at least to get the same image that I saw.

2. One of the scariest moments of my life was in Girdwood a few years ago. I was camped in the woods, and I was the only one at camp at the time. I was lying on the ground underneath a blanket, covering me completely, to keep the bugs off. I heard someone coming towards camp slowly, closer and closer to me. By the time I heard the panting and munching, the bear was already too close for me to try to jump up and scare it. I didn't want to spook it and have it swat at me. The bear came about 3 feet from me, I could hear it breathing heavily, and then it probably noticed me and started to walk away. When I thought it was a good 20 feet away, I jumped up and yelled at it as loud as I could. That bear was so scared, it took off full speed into the woods. I wish I had taken a picture of it up close, although I don't know how well bears take to being photographed.

3. I went on a trip to Europe in 2001 with my brother and father. We traveled to several different countries. I took pictures of all sorts of things, but mainly just buildings. I was taking the pictures with my dad's camera for him, so I knew he didn't want pictures of my brother goofing off or something. All the pictures felt somewhat empty, and I hardly have any photos of my family or myself, and definitely none that show what we actually did or how we felt. I always thought that photos from a trip should convey the atmosphere or the feeling of the trip. I definitely do not think of buildings when I recollect those weeks, I remember all sorts of weird things, all of which would have made great photographs. Like this pack of homeless dogs I saw one morning that lived on the beach near this pastry shop. They were expert beggars that would give tourists their personal space and sit calmly a good distance away. There was one that only had 3 legs, but I think he was the best, because he was quite fat for a stray. If I had my own little camera on that trip, I would have taken pictures of everything that caught my interest.

4. Another really weird photo I wish I had taken in Europe was in Bulgaria. We only drove through the country, and we were on some really bad roads that would have these sections cut out. It was almost as if the road formed a pot hole, and then to remedy it, they just cut out a nice 2 inch deep rectangle around it, and then kind of left it there to fix later. There were no other cars around for miles, but we came up on a horse drawn cart from behind. In front of it was another cart, this one drawn by a donkey or mule. The horse drawn cart would have turned on its blinker if it had one, but it basically switched lanes and passed the slower cart. It made me laugh because the horse drawn cart was definitely the high end sports model, and it made me think of how people in Germany bought fancy BMWs and Mercedes Benzs just to show them off and be able to pass the slower VWs on the Autobahn with ease.

5. I went on a really intense adventure a few years ago with a large group of friends, maybe a dozen of us. We had reserved a cabin at Tolavana Hot Springs for February, which happened to be 11 miles from the road. We started on the trail at night, which was sort of a bad idea, but it was fun. The first 2-3 miles were downhill, so we all put on our backpacks and head lamps, and busted out our sleds. We were meeting two friends of ours at the bottom, where they had set up camp earlier in the day. It was about 20 below and the snow was 3-4 feet deep, and anywhere off the trail meant falling waist deep into snow, using snowshoes, or crawling on all fours. The path off the main trail that our friends made to the camp was basically a foot deep and lead to a main area that had been dug out almost all the way to the ground. We cut down some spruce bows and used them as a base for our tents, which we had to set up on top of the snow. I remember trying desperately to escape the snow, it was everywhere. I dug out a nice little area and piled it up with lots and lots of spruce bows. One of our friends had brought a dog, and when I was finished, she quickly claimed the spot I had worked so hard for. I just kinda slumped down in the snow and thought, whatever. I wish I would have been able to capture how cold it was, or just how intense our camp was, because it was one of those difficult yet rewarding adventures, which always tend to be quite memorable.

5 photos I did not take but wish I would have

  1. When I was a small child I lived in London. I have alot of memories of my years there considering I was so young. My mother made sure that we went everywhere and saw everything as she realized that it was a chance of a lifetime. There is a family scrapbook that she made that did preserve some of the memories with postcards and pamplets and lots of souvenirs, but I wish I would have been able to photograph all the wonderful things I saw that are etched in my memory. From the double decker buses to the magnificent castles. I remember seeing the gullotines and the crown jewels and Madam Tousads wax museum and just some incredible things. At the time I was too young to appreciate it, but London would be a terrific city to shoot street photography also.
  2. When my family and I arrived in Fairbanks a couple years ago, it was quite an experience. We had come across the entire country, 3 children including a 2 year old, a cat, a dog, and about twenty pieces of luggage. I had lived in Kodiak when I was a teenager, so it wasn't completely like another world, but it was quite the culture shock. Anyway, we were riding around the first week or two we were here and we passed by an elderly lady walking on the side of the street. Her face showed so much character. It was weathered and worn and she just looked like someone who would have some incredible stories to tell about life in Alaska. She was wearing a traditional parka with the fur around the hood and to this day I wish I would have asked her if I could take her picture. Considering my mindset of just moving here and fearful of the extreme winters, she just struck me as someone worth photographing.
  3. Before moving here we came from the Gulf Coast about 2 hours drive from New Orleans. I have pictures of the Saints games we went to and the New Orleans Zoo and some of the French Quarter and Mardi Gras, but the city of New Orleans has a tremendous amount of history and I so regret not taking photos of the amazing architecture, the old cemetaries and the lush courtyards. I missed alot of opportunities for some incredible pictures. The sad part is Hurricane Katrina came through 3 months after we left!!
  4. One shot I wish I had taken (well I sort of did take it) is a picture of the most enormous Lynx ever! We were in Denali before the season opened to the buses and we had been in as far as we were able to go and we headed back out and hadn't seen much wildlife, only a few caribou when we spotted something quite a distance off in a patch of snow. With the binoculars we figured out it was a lynx. We watched for a little while but lost track of it once it left the snowy patch and entered more dense brush. Well, we sat there (camera resting in my lap, all set with my telephoto lens) waiting to see if it would come back into view. Well, what do you know? he came up and out about 2 feet in front of our truck, crossed the road and went up the woods on the other side. I was so shocked the only thing I got a picture of was the woods where he entered and disappeared.
  5. Last but not least I wish I had taken more photos of friends and family over the years. Of course I have pictures of them, but now I have such a greater appreciation of photography that I wish I could go back in time and take some photos that never were!


2BrightSparks | Downloads

2BrightSparks Downloads
SyncBack Freeware V3.2.14 is an excellent tool to back up your photographs to an external hard drive. I use the Freeware version and it works well.
There is a more advanced version of the software here
I have not needed it, but it might be worth exploring.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Five photographs I wish I had taken.

1. In June ’06 my Dad & I went to Yankee Stadium to see the Yankees play the Red Sox. In the top of the 8th, Boston’s Manny Ramirez hit a ball that was surely a homerun, but the Yankees left fielder made a miraculous catch to take the homerun away. I really wish I would have had my camera out and would have taken an amazing picture of the moment.

2. When I was a freshman in high school, I went to Washington DC to visit my brother who was living there at the time. I saw so many cool things. The White House, the Pentagon, and the most interesting was the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. I really wish that I had had a camera at the time to take pictures of that trip.

3. When I was in 2nd grade, I was at the hospital when my twin nephews were born. I remember sitting in the room, and holding them for the first time. It was really cool, and I wish I had had a camera so I could remember how little they were.

4. My parents and I were in the Atlanta airport when I was about 8, and we were waiting for our luggage when Wayne Brady walked by. He was on “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” and some other TV shows. I tell people all the time that I saw him, but no one really believes me and I wish had had a camera to take a picture of him.

5. When my Dad & I were in New York last year, we went to NBC Studios. I was waiting in the hallway while my Dad was in the bathroom, and Pierre Bernard walked by. Now, unless you’re an avid Late Night with Conan O’Brien viewer, you won’t know who he is. He is the graphic designer on the show, and also does some comedy bits, but he walked right by me, and I was so tired from walking in the pouring rain I didn’t realize till after he walked by that I should have taken a picture. I really regret that.

5 pictures I wish I would have taken but didn't

1) During the seasons of the year various animals wander in my back yard. I have pictures of geese, rabbits, squirrels, moose, and chickadees. Blending into the terrain on a fall day is a wandering quail. By the time I get my camera and back to that spot, it’s gone.

2) A hot January day at the Animal Kingdom Park in Florida. We decided to ride the Kali river rapids. It is a water ride on a round raft that rotates and plunges down the river. If you are lucky, you get only a little wet. I wish I could have a picture of the precious looks on the riders faces as the water comes pouring down over them. Another drenched passenger who got their money’s worth.

3) Driving up the Alaskan highway in May with the dog in the back seat. There were signs posted warnings of animals on the road. In the distance you can see there are Bison grazing on the hill side. As we slow down to take pictures, the Bison hiding alongside the road jumps up to check out the tourists. Just then the dog starts barking, her hair standing straight up on her back. I don’t know if she was scared or protecting us…probably scared.

4) Beat-up old cars are called hoopties. Alaska has a lot of these cars. You know the car is worn out when it has more dents than a golf ball and bungee cords hold the hood and trunk closed. A two door pick-up truck is driving down the road with the original owner at the wheel. The paint has disappeared rendering the car back to the original gray under coat color. There is a rope stretching from the front bumper to the back bumper. I wonder if they made seat belts back then.

5) A gentle breeze blowing in the warm evening air while we patiently wait for the fireworks to start. Fireworks are never as good on television as in person. The colors are more vibrant and the sound more realistic. Red, green, and blue bursts of fireworks. White fireworks making a waterfall that looks like Niagara. Then you see an upside down smiley face. It doesn’t matter that it’s upside down :)

Pictures I wished I took, now I regret

1.) May 06,2007, place New York City.
My family & I , took a 2 weeks vacation in New York City.We had a wonderful time seeing other places & visiting family & friends. We also went to a beautiful wedding . It was a nice sunny day. I took pictures of the church , friends, family & most of all the my niece's son , who was getting married. I realized , after the wedding , when I was checking all the pictures , of the couple, were all of their back..none so ever of the front ..
I wish that , I would have gone to the front of the altar facing them. But I didn't .

2.) After the wedding , a day before we were leaving, my uncle & aunt had invited us , & picked us up from Westin hotel. They took us to New Jersey to see the casinos & played a little bit & the boardwalk. I was so busy talking that I forgot to take the picture of the place & of my uncle & aunt. I felt sad for we don't know when we are going to see them again...

3.) Another time, is when we went to Texas , visited my husband's cousin. He took us to meet with his daughter that had a beautiful house. I wanted to take pictures of the inside & outside
but I was shy to ask if she don't mind if I took a picture, I am sure she would not mind..
but I was not brave enough to ask..I really wished I did...but I didn't ..

4.) Back to New York City. I see this guy in the middle of the side street, attracting alot of attention. Lots of people gather around him. People going near him & posing with them while others took a picture.
This guy was wearing only his underwear, with a cowboy hat & a cowboy shoes...
I wanted so much to get close to take his picture but , we were rushing at that time, & we had to get into to the car right away, so we would not cause traffic.
The next day, went to the spot he was but , was not there..I was hoping now that we did not have to rush to go somewhere, I could take his picture..well I sure missed that one...

5.)Time Square, New York city. The day, we were leaving for the airport. So much was going on. There were parades & celebrities etc..I wanted to stay a little bit to take some pictures , but if I did , we will miss our flight , got to consider that , the traffic is hectic , rush hours too.
We will just have to go back & visit again hopfefully a year to come..

written by Rosario

Photos I did not take, but wish I did......

These are five photos that I did not capture, but sure wish I did!

1.) While i was out on a camping trip, I got to watch an osprey swoop down and catch a fish. I didn't have my camera at the time, but the fish was clearly bigger then the osprey! It was incredible!

2.) One cold, dark evening, there was a full moon out. I was in the goldstream valley, on top of one of the hills, and you can see a clear view of the full-moon, in the midst of timber. It was awesome, how I wish I had my camera at that time! The sky was clear, it was gorgeous!

3.) On the river, during a boat ride, I came across a (big) black wolf drinking from the river. He stopped to look up at us, and as i dug (quickly) for my camera, he was already gone in the woods!! It would of been an awesome close-up!

4.) (One i really regret NOT taking!) My grandmother and my youngest brother playing a card game at the kitchen table. They were laughing, it was a cute-moment! I'm not sure who won the card game, but the fact they were both laughing made it special. Of course I didnt take a picture, how i wish'd i did...

5.) My little cousin, who is 1 year old, while her mom looked away, stomped through a mud puddle in her new pink pants and brand new (clean) shoes!! It was funny! Priceless! She had a smirky grin on her face, she knew she wasn't suppose to do that! It was cute!

(There are so many other incidents where I had wish'd I had my camera handy, but of course didn't!- So these are just a few!)


A Conversation with Stephen Shore (Conscientious)

A Conversation with Stephen Shore (Conscientious)
Stephen Shore is an inspiration. When ever I think there is nothing to photograph I look at his book and realize that there are things to photograph anywhere. I will bring the book to class on Wednesday. Looking at other peoples photographs is an inspiration to motivate your own photography.

The Online Photographer: Qualities and Properties

The Online Photographer: Qualities and Properties
Before you start on the process of deciding which camera, or lens, or printer, or scanner, or...... is good or not it is valuable to have a little perspective. Thinking about photographs and thinking about photography are not the same!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

5 reasons I wish I had a camera all my life

I wish I had had a camera over the course of the 8 years that I swam, to help remember all the good times with my team in practice, at meets or on the road. To capture the graceful beauty of a well orchestrated medley relay, and at the same time the utter insanity of it.

To have had a camera on my many travels through North America and Germany. The castles over there were amazing and the differences in culture was so visible, and yet at similar. Haha, I would have loved to have taken a picture of my second cousins' think that they had one and they weren't millionaires.

All the signs I saw along the road and at restaurants and stores. Some funny, some strange, and some you had to be there for. It would be illegal to take the sign, so at the very least it would have been nice to be able to take a picture of the "Family Liquor" store.

I wish I could have had a camera to take pictures of my late dog, Sunshine. She was a German Pointer/english spaniel mix(the latter not capitalized to accentuate the mix ratio between the two breeds). She liked to lay on top of her dog house like Snoopy(she was even white with black spots) and always looked noble as a lion. As a pup she would jump on people as all dogs do, but instead of kneeing her to teach her not to do it, I would catch her front paws and taught her to dance...would have made a great photo memory.

And finally, I love nature. The northern lights, eclipses, sunsets, flowers, name it i've wanted to take pictures of it. I was in St. Louis a few years ago and there was a lightning storm. Living in Alaska I have never experienced this and photos of lightning always placed me in awe. So to actually be in one was great, everytime there was a flash the choice had to be made whether to look at the lightning or check to see how much more the streets had flooded.

5 Photographs M.I.A.

Photographs I usually miss taking are either because the moment passed to quickly or I forgot my camera.
  1. When my daughter was just a newborn my husband was bouncing her over his head. I had the camera in my hands waiting to take wnother shot when she threw up in his wide open mouth! It was hilarious so I struggeled to take theh pick of baby vomit all over his face and he shot up to the bathroom, but I do have a pick of her amiling afterwards.
  2. This summer My step dad, Uncle and I were driving to Copper Center to go fishing trip I made sure to have my camera. I was also taking pictures with my uncles Nikkon for better quality. The drive of course was beautiful and I hadn't been through Glenallen in years. We were saving time by driving over the speed limit so I missed an awesome view of the mountains. The horizon was just clear enough to take a shot of the mountains creating a sillouhette. I didn't miss out totally because I got a darker shot from within the truck.
  3. The North American Basketball Tournament is held at the Patty Center every year in March. This past year my husband cousin who is 6'5 and 300 pounds was here to play with team. He was a top athlete and had once tried out for the NFL. During their biggest game of the tournament against Tanana HE had made the perfect dunk! This happened more than once but my camera had to slow of a shutter speed that everytime he lept in the air I would snap a a blur of him coming down.
  4. Two weeks ago I was in Delta for the big Delta vs. Barrow football game. This is the second year that Barrow has had their first ever football team and I had never seen them play. I made sure I was totally prepared for the road and the game with my Barrow Whaler cheerleading jacket, carseats, diapers, wipes and extra clothes for the kids. I haven't been to Barrow in two years so I was excited to see my old teachers and the players on the team. I also got to see my old assistant cheerleading coach. Unfortuneately I forgot my camera, and my mom just happened to rely on me for pictures so we missed out on a large group picture with the players and coaches on the field. That night Barrow won 0-48! So, all we have till the next victory we'll be able to witness are our memories.
  5. This past New Years we had a get together at the house to shoot our own fireworks for the first time. due to the trees in the back yard we had to shoot fireworks from our front yard. It just happened to be so exciting and nerve recking because of the loud noise and the neighbors being home sleeping at midnight. My uncle was a inebriated, which is always dangerous when dealing with explosives, that he set one off upside down! I stood there in the cold waiting for the next one to shoot into the air when this big explsion went off at their feet in an aray of red light! Then two fireworks rocketed into our neighbors yard and ontop of their roof! A videocamera would have been best but the aftermath of the ordeal would have made a great photo! Despite the neighborhood complaints nobody was injured.

Jaime Lowery

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Online Photographer: T.O.P.'s Ten Best Living Photographers List

The Online Photographer: T.O.P.'s Ten Best Living Photographers List
For those who want a place to start looking at photographers you could try this list. There are links provided and you can also use the list as a basis for Google searching.

How To Choose CD/DVD Archival Media

Ever wonder what is the best media to archive your precious photos to? Here is a great resouce of information about whether to use CD or DVD and who makes the best media.
Click on the title of this post to go to the web site.

Roger M. Marty

Friday, September 21, 2007

Photos I Didn't Take, But Wish I Had

This is a picture I did not take of a black bear eating some berries on a tree near where I was camping with my family over the summer.

This is a picture I did not take is of my friends puppy when she was asleep on the driver seat in her car all stretched out.

This is a picture I did not take a moose standing in a creek drinking water with the sun setting behind it.

This is a picture I did not take is a boat hauling a 4 wheeler on the bow across quarts lake.

This is a picture I did not take of a bald eagle swooping down to grab a fish head of a red salmon in Seward Alaska.

I wish I had taken theses photos, but I didn't have my camera with me at the time.

five pictures i wish i took but didn't

Late january the begining of 2007 i was driving down farmers loop and turned on to Auburn road and was blinded by the beams of sun blaring off of the trees like shining an l.e.d. light into a crystle. i wish i had a camera to get that picture, it was an un forgettable sight.

in 2004 its was a sight i'll never forget; fairbanks hasn't seen an indoor skatepark in 10 years and 8 years ago is when i first had the thought of being a skater. This is when my parents started a youth group, and a youth center following. We needed something to intrest the kids in coming and hanging out, and we decided we would try to plan to build a skatepark when god helped us out in giving us revalations of things to do and putting things on peoples heart, about what they should give us. We now have a skatepark and when we were building it is when i wished i had a camera to take a 100 pictures of the process.

Irland 05' i went there on a family vacation; we went at excactly the right time because all the skateboardings and inliners were getting together for the city so they could show them they wanted a skatepark really bad and they were tired of getting kicked out of every spot they got kicked out of. Me and a few of my friends that came with me got to stand in front of 100 people and give our opinions on why we think a skatepark would be good for the small town of Portlesh. I really would have liked to had my own personal picture of us boys out in front of the comunity.

Earlyer this summer (2007) i was heading out goldstream and i saw the sun setting just behind the the hills it was a beautifull redish yellow sun set with a little pink and the clouds were so transperent with the colors blasting through, it was an awsome sight.

On several occassions i have been at Joel's Place the indoor skatepark and really wanted to take pictures of all the kids, i love them all so much; they come and go as they please in and out of town. i want to remember there smiles forever and the confrontations and the learning experiences we have all had together. it will happen soon enough.

ScanningFilmPrintsVuescan.pdf (application/pdf Object)

ScanningFilmPrintsVuescan.pdf (application/pdf Object)
I have created a handout to use when scanning using Negatives and Prints in Room 116. I hope that it will help.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Photographic Intentions by Marilyn

Pictures I did not take:
1). ... my wedding portraits; my mother was striken with Parkinson's disease and her wish was not to have her photo taken due to the shakes. So I honored her request for she could not stand long enough for great photo shoots.
2). ... childbirths of my kids; I have lots of pictures during and after the pregnancy... but not of the actual labor and delivery. I find it interesting how life that brings so much pain and joy, that pain should be forgotten while joy should be treasured.
3). ... childhood memories; I wish my parents would have given me a camera as a gift to capture the moments I treasured: school events/sports or after school Winter activities like ice skating on a lagoon & sledding down a steep hill. And much later in life, reminence with family & friends to remember the yesteryears with fondness.
4. ... a moose hiding behind a signpost with one eye keeping watch of traffic and the other covered by signpost as if to wait for a clearing to cross the highway. This happened this summer on our way down to Anchorage from Fairbanks.
5. ... pictures of close relatives: Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles & cousins that have gone before us. Like most people, I have regrets of not taking enough time with them and/or taken photos of fond memories to remember them by (anniversaries, birthdates and so forth); most of the time, I did not take pictures thinking it was disrespectful (especially during funerals).

I would like to learn how to capture the moments without regret, snapshots to be treasured by all. A camera will make a great jewel... and it's less expensive than a diamond!

Photography, desktop wallpaper, digital photo tips, pictures, galleries, biographies - National Geographic

Photography, desktop wallpaper, digital photo tips, pictures, galleries, biographies - National Geographic
It is easy to take the National Geographic Magazine for granted. When ever I visit the site I am amazed by the quality and the depth of information. I have linked to the photography page, but visiting the opening page is as valuable.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Five Photographs That I Did Not Take, But Wished I Had by Kathy Adams

#1) Winter of 1975 I got to go to one of Alyeska’s Pipeline camps and while there, we were shown the surrounding country. On this road trip we saw a huge herd of Caribou that came very, very close to the vehicle. You could have reached out and touched them and my camera was not working. This picture will be forever etched in my memory.

#2) August 1980, my mother and I were driving back to Fairbanks from Anchorage and in the distance we saw one of the most beautiful, red, fall trees that I have ever seen. I can still see that tree as if I had taken its picture – but it’s just a memory with no other documentation.

#3) August 22, 1996, my late husband was getting everything ready to fly north with my son and some other friends to go hunting. He was standing beside his float plane and the sun was shining on his face as we said goodbye to each other. That is the last time I ever saw him because he never returned from that trip. I wish I had a photo of him that day as the sun warmed his face and smile.

#4) July 4, 1997, while on a trip to introduce my sons to relatives in Washington State, we got to sit on a river bank in the warm, night air, when it was dark outside (rare in Alaska) and watch the fireworks as they were being shot off from a barge in the middle of the river. I wish I could have captured my son’s faces as they watched the fireworks that night.

#5) Autumn of some past year I was driving to North Pole in the night and the moon had just risen on the horizon and it appeared unusually HUGE and it was orange. It was beautiful and I wish I could have taken a picture of that moon.

Roger M. Marty - CIOS 258 Lesson Week 2

Five photos I did not take but wished I had. (In order of my level of self disappointment.)

1. As is true with everyone one in life my grand-parents, parents, aunts, uncles and many close friends have gone on before me. As with many things in life I always seemed to be too busy to take as many photographs of these loved ones as I could. BIG MISTAKE!

2. In 1967 I was in the Republic of South Vietnam, having won a scenic tour there with the United States Marines, we were north of KheSahn on Hill 881. Our first days there were in jungle so thick you could not walk through it. Two days later it was a barren hill of dust and destruction. Those days cost many of my friends their lives and I have always regretting not getting more photographs of them prior to this day.

3. In about 1984 I was on a hunting trip along the Melozitna River north of Ruby, Alaska. It was a clear cool evening and the sun was just setting. There was a light fog forming along the river and the sun was shining through the fog in rays. Just across the river appeared the largest Bull Moose I have ever seen. He looked surreal as he had been thrashing around in the thickets and had a large quantity of brush, moss and mud hanging from his enormous rack. The light struck him from the side and he was a silhouette in the shining rays of sun all clouded by the early evening fog. Camera and rifle were in the tent some 100 yards away and I could not take myself away from the site of this moose to fetch either one. Wish I had gone for the camera.

4. I have been fortunate to be able to live in and travel to many places in this great world of ours, Alaska (most certainly my longest and dearest love), Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, Mississippi, Louisiana, California, Montana, Okinawa, Tokyo, Japan and Viet Nam. This is not about one photo I did not take but of about thousands, of the spectacular places I let slip by on this journey of life without taking time to preserve it for all to see and enjoy. If we do one thing is this life’s travel we should document it.

5. Every year we celebrate a holiday – Halloween. We are fortunate enough to have in excess of one hundred child from infants in mother’s arms to seventeen and eighteen year olds grace our front door for their annual hand out of goodies. My favorites are the toddlers dressed as everything imaginable ghosts, goblins, witches, cowboys, vampires, jack-o-lanterns, genies, rabbits, pirates, snow men, firemen, policemen, nurses, doctors, sports hero’s, and many I cannot recall. You name it they come dressed for the occasion. I have always wanted to photograph them all as they come by and do a collage or some such with them all. Never have.

Image Stabilization Special: Stop the Shake - - PopPhotoOctober 2007

Image Stabilization Special: Stop the Shake - - PopPhotoOctober 2007
Useful look at image stabilization

Why do I Love Photography?

I take pictures because I love to take pictures! I find it hard to stroll down a street without taking about a hundred pictures. In the everyday hustle of going to class, going to work, hanging out with friends, I can't help noticing things, that are unique and yet others are unable to appreciate these little things, I enjoy capturing these everyday things that go unnoticed in a way that others can appreciate.
In particular, I enjoy photographing people, and being able to bring out the beauty in each and every person I photograph. Fashion photography is probably where my interest lies most. If you look at a high fashion magazine, such as BAZAAR, and VOGUE, each and every picture is painstakingly taken with an intense attention to detail, texture, lighting, color and many other aspects.
When I bought my camera my first thought was "I'm a college student....aka, I need something inexpensive but decent." Sure I wanted to get a fancy SLR digital camera, but the reality was that I couldn't afford the camera that I REALLY wanted.
So instead, I bought an Olympus Camedia. A decent camera, fairly inexpensive and takes pretty decent pictures. I've had the Camedia for almost two years now, and I'm quite happy with its' performance. However it was brought to my attention lately by a friend of mine who's a professional photographer, and ironically my mother (who had insisted I buy the cheaper camera) that I was taking pictures that I should be taking using an SLR camera, instead of my above basic point and shoot digital camera. Eventually, I will purchase an SLR camera.

Why I take photographs..

Why i take photographs;

First of all, i've always enjoyed taking photos, of everything, those simple, those 'busy' to the very beautiful things... I like to capture moments and those details within it. I love taking scenery pictures, wildlife pictures, and of family. My favorite is close-up face shots of kids. I love taking close-up pictures of children, whether they're playing, crying, laughing, sleeping; i absolutely enjoy taking those shots Something about a child's emotions seem so free (and cute). My first camera, which i remember was a Kodak110, then eventually, in time i moved to a 35mm in middle school. I still own a 35mm, and take it with me on my travels... but mainly i use my canon digital elph camera to shoot my pictures. I think, most pictures have a story of its own, and that's another reason why i take photographs. I take photographs so that i may be able to share it with other people.

I look forward to class, and expanding my knowledge in photography!-tc

why i take photographs

for emotion, like anger, hate, love, joy, happiness, celebrations to capture thoughts, or things that remind me of other things or things i will want to think about in the future that will make those moments real again in my head. i want to be more in touch with my emotions, i am studying human services and i believe that if i take photo's with clients when we're having a good time it will be good for them to be able to look back on those times when they're not doing so good.

i imagine taking photo's of the kids skateboarding at joels place (the indoor skatepark/youth center/cafe) so that i can make slide shows for each indavidual to put on cd's so they can take them home to show their parents what they have learned over the summer. i thought about taking pictures in the winter time of the frosted trees and ice art.

Why i take photographs.

Being a pet lover most of my photos have been of my pets. I try to get take a pic of them whenever they are doing something funny or just looking cute. I also enjoy taking scenic pictures but i don't get many opportunities to in my daily life, so when ever i take a trip anywhere i take as many as i can. This summer i went down to homer to do some halibut fishing and got a number of good shots of the homer spit and of the mountains around it.

Why It take Photographs

I wrote this as part of an application I made for a grant. It was supposed to be a one page "artist" statement. Anyway I guess I should inflict my assignment on myself! Somebody else will have to give me points!

I am an amateur; I create photographs because I enjoy it. I attach myself to the world through photographs. I started taking photographs when I was a VISTA volunteer in Shaktoolik in 1967. I have continued to take photographs, with a few gaps because of family and career, since then.
The idea of Wandering in not an affectation, I love to immerse myself in situations that I respond to, I take photographs of what I respond to. My purpose is to show things the way they are, or really to show things the way that I see them. I want to share the diversity of my responses, humor, awe, beauty, disgust, irony, joy, and even boredom. I want to respond to a situation and not impose myself into it. I am interested in the ordinary and the every day, the mundane. When we look at old photographs it is not the scenic that we are moved by, it is the small ordinary details that resurrect memories.

I grow through the process of photography, the more I see the more I see! Photography is a cyclical process that leads to deeper insight and more appreciation of the world I experience.
Many of my photographs are inspired by the history of the “town photographer” Usually each community has a town photographer that defines a town at a specific period of time. Every Sunday, in the Fairbanks New Miner, they publish old photographs of Fairbanks. I want to provide the photographs that will document Fairbanks in its current time and place. A more pretentious influence would be Eugene Atget who documented Paris at the turn of the century.
Because of my job we visit a different Alaska town each semester. Usually I spend time during the meetings wandering around. An example of what I do would be the photographs of Nome at

Two years ago I was on sabbatical in Thailand. I was looking at how adults learn and apply computer skills. I also created a photographic web site that documented my experience. The photographs at are another aspect of my photography. I want to show how I experience my world and if I am true to that experience other people respond to it.

Last weekend I walked up auto row on South Cushman taking photographs after a rainstorm. I am preparing photographs for Wandering In Fairbanks 2007. I also have many photographs of Anchorage from the seventies and early eighties. When I find a situation that excites me I go back again and again to experience it from different perspectives. The process of photography feels good!

I even love nature! My Creamer’s Field photographs show some of my nature photography.

My photography is personal and documentary. Taking photographs is a personal path and a personal exploration. As I retire I have the responsibility to organize and share my work. I also want to make my photographs available to the public.

My fear is that my photographs will just be dumped someplace and forgotten. That is why placing my photographs in a photo archive is important to me. I share my photographs with others and use the Creative Commons as a means of sharing. All I want is attribution if my photographs are used non-commercially.

why photograph

The most rewarding part of taking photos is being able to decide how you want others to percieve what you are seeing. Someone might not notice how interesting something can be until you show them a different perspective. I enjoy taking photographs of anything that captivates my interest, and I almost always feel I am taking the photo because I want to share it and show someone else what I am seeing. Maybe it is some intricate pattern, or some intriguing oddity, or perhaps something awesome, where many things come together to create a unique moment which I must capture before it is gone. I like to take pictures of people quite a bit too, but I try to capture them in their act, attempting to reflect their character in the photograph. I am quite a fan of lights as well. My favorite photos always have weird colored lighting or ominous shadows, something that sets a completely surreal perspective on the world.

When I first bought my digital camera, I had really wanted one for some reason. I bought it for myself for christmas, and I could hardly keep myself from opening the box early. I remember looking through photo albums and thinking about how it brought back memories that I had forgotten. It made me worried about not remembering all the things that were happening to me at that time in life, all the people that were important to me. My family moved around when I was young and I had lost many friends whom I didn't have a single photograph of. I wanted to be able to store memories or images that I thought I would want to see a few years down the road. The first thing I photographed was some chicken nuggets that looked amazingly crispy in the toaster oven, maybe not quite memorable, but a start.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why do you take photographs?

I love, taking pictures of family & friends & sceneries & of anything that appeals
to me. It gave me the sense of connection & I find peace whenever I take pictures. often times ,during the summer whenever we travel with our motorhome around Alaska , I enjoy so
much just clicking away every mountains , clouds , flowers. Feeling like, I don't want to miss anyhting.

I take my pictures personally. To look back & say I was once there & the memories it brings back of family & friends how we were then at that time . to me every pictures tells alot...

My first favorite camera , was the cd Mavica Sony. It was so easy to use.Then after all the pictures taken , I remove the cd & put it on my computer. With my sofeware Picture It &
the Photoshop 5.0. I can do alot of creativity on the pictures...Many times I overwhlme myself.

I always imagined that one day , my name will be on those greeting cards & calendars.

Rosario Vaughan

Week 1: Why I take Photographs

Just as everyone has reiterated so many times, I take photographs to remember a good time or capture an image that I(or others) may find funny, beautiful, artsy, or just a good capture of time. I have never owned a camera(I do not consider disposables as 'cameras'), and yet I still see photoriffic moments all around me.
Once I buy a camera, I imagine myself taking pictures of many a sunset, hardly a sunrise, I have yet to see a good one in Alaska. I also intend to take pictures of sports, mostly swimming and water polo, those being the ones I have or do participate in. And of course soon to come a cross country trip visiting friends and family. My camera will be my first constant companion with full life insurance.

Photographs that I imagined taking when I bought my camera

A few years ago I bought my first digital camera. It was a Fuji that took amazing photos, but had a shutter lag that just about did me in!! All the pictures I took of my son's football games were either of the team doing their warm up exercises or I would end up with a shot of some green turf with absolutely not one player in sight. I had completely missed the shot and there I was left with a memory card full of green! I also had a toddler at the time and it was next to impossible to get any decent shots of her as she moved almost as quickly as the ball team. So....when I took the leap and purchased my digital SLR (after much dilema trying to justify the expense) I hoped that it would pay off and I would be able to capture those amazing action shots. Close ups included. I even fantasized about having the walls of my house covered with framed enlargements that would rival even the most professional photographer. Now my ambitions have grown and I want to take more and more frame-worthy pictures. Alaskan landscapes, bears, northern lights, and everything in between. My camera is always with me and I am always scoping out an area for a different angle to shoot.
Marci Cohoon


I think I have always enjoyed taking pictures,snapshots, really. I have owned many cameras through the years, usually brought out on special occasions or events. But, several years ago I started getting into scrapbooking and the more I browsed the pages of the scrapbook magazines and web sites the more I realized it wasn't the "layouts" I was really interested in, but I found myself drawn to the photographs. I wanted to be able to take pictures that told the stories like all the ones I had seen. I wanted to be able to take pictures that conveyed feelings and thoughts like the ones I had seen that made me think and feel a certain way.
I like to get out and see and do things. Things I have never done or seen before. I don't know if it has to do with getting older :) but I am so amazed at the miracle of the beauty all around us every day, in every way. And that is what I see and what I would like to capture.

Marci Cohoon

Why do I take photographs?

I like capturing pictures that I can look at later and remember the fun of traveling through Europe, sharing moments with family, and watching my dog grow. I like to share pictures of where I have been and who I was standing next to (Mickey Mouse). As a child, I remember we always took a picture of our Christmas tree each year. I still do this every year. I enjoy looking at the pictures of when our house was built. How the dirt is now grass and the trees landscape our yard.

The photos I imagined taking when I bought the camera:
The rainbow that stretches from one side of the horizon to the other.
My dog catching a Frisbee.
Capturing a picture of someone doing something stupid, like getting stuck in the snow on a 4 wheeler.
Sharing photos of Alaska with my brothers and sister who live in the lower 48.
The northern lights with the vibrant green and red riboons.

Peachpit: Editing Essentials: How to Develop Your Photos in Lightroom > Setting Your White Balance in the Develop Module

Peachpit: Editing Essentials: How to Develop Your Photos in Lightroom > Setting Your White Balance in the Develop Module
If you want to experiment with Lightroom, an excellent program, this set of instructions will get you started using the Develop module.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Why I Take Photographs

I take photographs so I can remember where I have been and to see how things change in the photo over time. I enjoy looking at them over and over again so I know where I have been and so I can remember why I took the photo. Taking photos is important to me because without them I wouldn’t be able to say that I have seen it for myself. I think that if someone looks at a photo it will help them see more of what is out in the world. When I look at a photo, I wish I could go to that place and see it for myself and to say that I saw it with my own eyes. When ever I go on a trip somewhere I never leave home without my camera because I don’t know what I will see or find.

Since I bought my camera, I have always wanted to take a photo of a wolf in the wild. I have never had the opportunity to do that because I have never seen one in real life. When we go camping I always bring my camera because I think I will see one and want to take a photo. That is one of my life goals to take a photo of a wolf. I have always been amazed of how they hunt and how they look and above all, how they survive in the frigid temperatures of the north.

Why I take Photographs

I enjoy taking photographs, basketball games, birthdays, weddings, in the car and on the street. There is a certain freedom in taking pictures of anything wherever you go. It's like exploring the world through a digital lens and sharing the photos so people can see what you did and explain what you felt and what intrigued to take the picture. I love the feeling of beiing creative. Earth is a beautiful place, and when i see bursts of color in the trees and flowers or the shapes of the clouds. the world can be confusing so taking pictures of the many dimensions of city structures and the atmosphere of the environment helps me to focus on life through reading a picture with the focus of a lens. I also enjoy throwing all my photos into a collage. I love being able to hop on the computer and create portraits and alter the images using photo shop.

I am known as the photographer of the family which makes me smile. When I was given my camera I imagined taking photos that have quality in the picture to meet what I was seeing. I have a certain confidence in the cameras that were given to me so that I know the quality of the moment will be see in a picture.I wanted to see the same colors and shadows through the camera so that I can look back and create memories with my camera and pictures to share. That in the exact second a snap can freeze the movement of time in a picture!
So far so good and many more to come!

Jaime Lowery

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Week 1 Questions

I take photographs so I can look back years later and remember the things I have experienced. I take pictures to help me remember the good times, like holidays, birthdays, vacations, and also just normal days when I’m out having fun with my friends. I also like to take pictures of everyday things that I love. I really enjoy editing my photos using Photoshop, so sometimes I like to take pictures just to experiment with them in Photoshop.

The pictures I imagined taking when I bought my camera, a Sony Cybershot DSC-T10, were ones of my friends, family, and I. Also, I like to take pictures of the sky, and animals. I thought about taking amazing sports photographs; because that’s something I am really interested in. Also, I really like taking pictures of buildings, and I wanted to do take more of those types of photographs. I mostly just imagined taking really interesting pictures that people would be intrigued by, and pictures that could just make people smile.

Laura Graham


Starlings? Awesome!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Why take Photography?

I take pictures for traditional reasons: birthdates, anniversaries, festivities and for other personal reasons. Lately, I’ve developed an interest in Photoshop (CS2) over the summer which is quite captivating… it seems to have a life of its own.

I’ve imagined taking pictures of small objects like flowers, plants, and creepy crawlers (although I dislike them) or pictures of nature (seasonal) or pictures of festivities (whaling, hunting, vacation, and holidays). Plus, I imagine taking photos of old pictures from family albums or from other relatives photo albums either for to keep on record and/or retouch to make them look new, and to reminiscence about my family's history. At an earlier age, my sister and I had once thought of opening a photo-shop of our own; this class and Photoshop has rekindled the flame. Lately, interning for a small firm in the marketing field has created an interest in promotional ads with the aid of Photoshop and with the use of a digital camera. Thus, enrolled in this class to expand my horizon.

The Online Photographer: The 1-2-3 Method of Editing

The Online Photographer: The 1-2-3 Method of Editing
In class we will be discussing selecting photographs for editing and sharing. This web log posting describes both why and how to look at the selection process.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Roger M. Marty - CIOS 258 T01 Lesson Week 1

Fall 2007

Why do I take photographs?
Mostly I take photographs for my own satisfaction. However I also take photographs to document family events be they large or small. I love taking scenery photographs of the beautiful world around us from tiny to gigantic. Wildlife and people are also favorite subjects of mine – actually anything living, plants, animals, fishes, birds and of course people. Being a pilot I also enjoy photographing aircraft any chance I get, especially the unusual machines that we do not see often. Last but certainly not least I enjoy sunrises, sunsets and the Aurora Borealis – all these are very challenging and I guess challenging is really what I like most about taking photographs.

What images did I imagine taking when I purchased my camera?Hmmm, which camera?
I will assume my latest digital, a Nikon D200. I really wanted to be able to take more professional quality photographs and while I know the camera does not make the photographs the photographer does I still hoped higher end equipment might help. I still have those hopes.

Lesson 1 Project - Kathy Adams

Why I Take Photographs:

I take photographs because deep within my heart is an unquenchable passion to take pictures of the world around me and to share those pictures with my family and friends through e-mail. Every day is an adventure in my quest for finding things to photograph. It doesn’t have to be a majestic mountain or a rippling stream, although those are nice, but I like to see beauty in the “common” and “ordinary” things in life and shooting them in such a way that others see the hidden beauty of the subject. My camera is always by my side.

Pictures I Imagined Taking When I Bought My Camera:

I suppose my desire was to be able to capture God’s beautiful creation in ways that will make people stand back and say, “Wow!”. The lighting will be perfect, the colors will be bright, the shadows will be just right and everything will be in focus.

Using your camera's manual controls - HP Digital Photography Center

Using your camera's manual controls - HP Digital Photography Center
A good basic tutorial, using Flash, to learn how to make camera settings. Concepts would apply to any camera, not just HP.