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Shaktoolik Alaska 1967 and 1968: Stephen Cysewski

Shaktoolik Alaska 1967 and 1968: Stephen Cysewski

Since we are stuck in Alaska, instead of Thailand, I used the time to post a new web site of photographs I took when I was a VISTA Volunteer in Shaktoolik Alaska in 1967 and 1968.

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Wandering In Fairbanks 2008

I just finished Wandering In Fairbanks 2008. I wanted to complete it before we left for Thailand.

Here is the web site URL

Here is the URL for the same photographs on Picasa Album

Here is the URL for the same photographs on Flickr

Please share with others if you think it is appropriate.

Stephen Cysewski
Professor of Computer Applications, Emeritus
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Wandering In Fairbanks Alaska 2008: Stephen Cysewski

Wandering In Fairbanks Alaska 2008: Stephen Cysewski

I just posted Wandering In Fairbanks 2008. I wanted to finish before we leave to Thailand.

The site has many more photographs of the people of Fairbanks then usual.

The files are not large so it should load fine, I hope.

There are more and larger versions of the photographs on Flickr and Picasa Albums.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Loosely Related

I know many of you in the class do some web stuff. Here is a good free book (download PDF) on CSS. There are some good design bits in the book too.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The next President of the United States - The Big Picture -

The next President of the United States - The Big Picture -
What makes a photograph excellent? These photographs are inspiring. Use these photographs as examples of the diversity of ways that you can cover a subject to express its meaning.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Dark Roasted Blend: This Math Rocks!

Dark Roasted Blend: This Math Rocks!

Check this out, scroll down to the DC6 photographs. I love this site, I subscribe with an RSS feed and am always entertained.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Laurence Kim Photography Blog

Laurence Kim Photography Blog

Read this blog post, it applies to the Panasonic LX3, but it is appropriate to other cameras like the Canon G10. The comments on the camera, the metering, and the quality of JPEG images will seems like heresy to some people, but, from my experience it is true. I used the Canon G10 for the last half of the Amery photographs and you have seen me use the Panasonic LX3 at International Friendship Days and at the Tanana Valley Farmer's Market.

Here is a quote from the posting.

"In fact, for certain subjects such as landscapes, nature and fine art, a good point-n-shoot like the LX3 could be the best tool for the job, sometimes even better than a DSLR or a $40k medium-format DSLR.


* Would you rather schlepp around 20 pounds of gear (camera, lenses, tripod, ballhead, etc.) or a 9 ounce camera that you put in a pouch on your belt?

* No need to change lenses. Really handy for a day like yesterday, when I was taking pictures on a rainy day on a muddy trail.

* The combination of built-in image stabilization + greater depth of field you get with a small sensor means that a tripod is not required. No tripod means more creativity, as you can get yourself in more positions and are less likely to remained anchored in a few spots.

* Greater depth of field means no need to stop down to tiny apertures like f16 which soften images due to diffraction.

* Shooting with bigger apertures also means faster shutter speeds, which = sharper images.

* Fixed lens means no dust spots on the sensor.

* No mirror slap means the camera doesn't vibrate = sharper pictures, even if you're using use mirror lockup.

* Overall image quality will be just as good as a DSLR (if not better) because of all the reasons listed above.

On the other hand, if you want to shoot anything that moves, is in very low light, with a shallow depth of field, or that requires long telephoto lenses (e.g. wildlife, sports, or weddings) you'll need a DSLR. Horses for courses."

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Amery Wisconsin 2008: Stephen Cysewski

Amery Wisconsin 2008: Stephen Cysewski

I just created a new web site. I visited Amery Wisconsin twice this year to visit my father. I visited the first week of June and the last week of October. I spent some time walking around Amery taking photographs. Here is the web site of the Amery photographs.

Thank you!

Thank you Steve, I really enjoyed the class and learned more than I thought I could.

Editing and Enhancing Photographs(2)

Here is the original photograph (a small gathering of Obama supporters in Fairbanks):

Brought up close by zooming and adding blue color

Enlarge only the group and enhance all c0lors to almost 200%
(This photo is not as clear as it is in photoshop probably because I increased its quality to 10)

I tried to eliminate all color but didn't have much success

Editing and enhancing photographs

The link to Adobe Photoshop is:

I will use Adobe photoshop to edit and enhance a photograph as follows::

Original photo

Photo cropped and softened and optimized

Photos with common errors

These are my photos that document and show the following common errors:

Subject blur/partially blurry photographs

Motion blur/totally blurry

Depth of field/wrong plan of focus

Over exposure/washed out

Under exposure/too dark

Incorrect white balance/wrong color