Wednesday, February 28, 2007

ooops....Mistakes on Purpose

Ok, here are the pictures that I "messed up" on, from fouled-up focus to wacked white balance, I've got it all!

1. Subject Blur/Partially Blurry Photograph
(my cat jumping off my bed)

2. Motion Blur/Totally blurry photograph

3. Depth of Field/Wrong plane of focus

4. Over exposure/Washed out

5. Under exposure/Too Dark

6. Incorrect White Balance balance/Wrong color

Well, that is all my mistakes...have fun

Six bad pics

It seems to be easy for me to take pictures that illustrate all of the errors listed for the assignment unles I am trying to do so. I put in a picture from last summer for the wrong plane of focus because as I was working on organizing I came across one that I had definitely considered a discard. I wanted a picture of the mountain range and got fireweed. As I relooked at the picture I decided I like it and will include it in my album.

Depth of field

Incorrect white balance

Under exposed

Subject blur

Over exposed

Motion blur

This weeks assignment

Wrong white-balance


Depth of Field
Subject blur

Total Blur

Under exposed

Make mistakes on purpose...right...

I had a lot of fun looking through my pictures finding these pictures. After looking through most of the picutres I can admit they aren't perfect but I still like them.

Wrong plane of focus (Mosquito Screen)


Wrong White Balance

Washed Out (And thats why you don't use flash)

Motion Blur

Subject Blur

For some reason making picture mistakes was really easy for me...just a natural thing.

Messed Up Photographs

Subject Blur

Incorrect White Balance



Right Depth of Feild

Wrong Depth of Feild

Motion Blur

lens culture: world press photo winners 2006

lens culture: world press photo winners 2006: "World Press Photo
Winners for 2006"
To see photography is a larger context explore these images, there is also a link to previous years winners.

my messed up photos

It took me awhile to do these photo's, it seemed that no matter what i did the camera wouldnt mess up.

subject blur/ partially blurry

motion blur

depth of field/ wrong plan of focus

over exposure

under exposure

incorrect white balance

Oh, Look At Those Hideous Pictures!

This project was quite tricky. My camera is basically 'Digital For Dummies' and it took quite a bit of effort to create these faulty photos.

Subject Blur/Partially Blurry

Motion Blur/Totally Blurry

Depth of Field/ Wrong Plan of Focus

Over Exposure/Washed Out

Under Exposure/Too Dark

Incorrect White Balance/Wrong Color

(Bjorke * BotzBlog) The PhotoRant School of Film Photography

(Bjorke * BotzBlog) The PhotoRant School of Film Photography
A surprisingly good basic introduction to camera skills. Worth the time to look at.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mistakes with hope of correction

When I arrived in Fairbanks, I tried to take the simple pictures of everything, though some came out great, others came out to disappointment....1) underexposed / was too dark, 2) field / wrong focus, 3) misuse of white balance, 4) field-wrong focus-blurry, 5) overexposure, and 6) motion blur

My photo mistakes

Here are some of my photo mistakes. It took me a while to find some photos but since my camera is cheap and does have a tendency to take bad photos. Here are some of my photo

1.) |This photo was overexposed

2.) This is a subject blur/partially blurry photo

3.) This was way underexposed and was too dark

4.) Depth of field/wrong focus/ blurry

5.) Incorrect While Balance/Wrong Color

6.) Depth of field and out of focus