Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dan's quick edit

This is taken of a ditch near where I live. I saw this junk, just dumped there and thought about the symbiosis between the human and the nature...

First, I rotated the picture a few degrees and cropped it. Then I wanted to ephasize the illness of the whole by turning the picture into B&W, except for the rusty barrels and the brown water. I even enhanced the saturation of the barrels to make them stand out more. Mixing B&W with colour is a really easy thing to do and it works powerfully.

How it was done?

I used two layers, the original as the backround layer and a copied layer of the same image. The copied image on the top was turned into B&W just by desaturating it. Then, where the barrels are, I erased the top image with the eraser tool revealing the extra saturated colour image below, thus leaving everything else B&W except for the erased parts.

Monday, October 30, 2006



I always take raw+jpeg pictures with my camera
and this is the jpeg picture before any editing.
The picture is taken on Kenai Peninsula in august this year.


Here have I modified the picture. Fist I rise the temperature a little, then I use a photo filter, and jused warmfilter. The sky is made more blue with coloradjustment after I just selected the sky with magic selecting tool. Nice?

My pictures on the web

I have my own website were i publish my pictures:
but I don't have any "blogg" here, so people can't put out coments yet - but I work on that.

I also use a Norwegian photopage named www.foto.no to publish pictures.
My pictures can be reach here :

There are a lot of nice pictures on this site from very good photographers, and I want to show you some pictures who is taken in Skandinavia and published at www.foto.no:

I like pictures like that !

Travis-Edited Photo



I first rotated this picture 90 degrees since it was sideways. I then changed the level of the picture using auto level. I changed the color to where I liked it. When I liked where those settings were I went into hue and saturation and changed the settings to bring out some more color. I then went to shadow and highlight and added just a hair more shadows. When I was happy with how the picture looked I sharpened the picture for my final step by manually adjusting the settings to get the sharpness where I liked it.

How you appreciate your digital photography? - Digital Photography Now

How you appreciate your digital photography? - Digital Photography Now
This is an interesting article and provides some context to think about the quality of digital cameras.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Flickr photos

Here is the photos I have shared on Flickr.


Wonders of Photoshop by Ava Vent

Here is a picture I took last April during the Huslia Junior Spring Carnival




My photos are uploaded, and can be found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/78942150@N00/?saved=1

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Flickr Photos

I uploaded some pictures of La Verna, the place where St. Francis supposedly received his stigmata. Boo on limited bandwidth. Here is the link hopefully it works. http://www.flickr.com/photos/41754550@N00/

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Photos editing

I can't post the edited photos.......so may as well go with that! I couldn't take the date off; let's talk about it in class! Couldn't remove the spots from the windsheild either!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ava's Flickr Page

I am officially on Flickr-check out some of the photos I uploaded onto this site. I like the privacy of choosing who can look at my photos on the Internet. I also like the organizing attributes on Flickr. This site is great!

Organizing with iPhoto by Ava Vent

I started using iPhoto to organize my pictures and it is working out just great! Before I was using the Kodak software to organize and it was just not working because it would change the category names of my pictures. I like using iPhoto to organize because I have options to make a webpage, a book, and a slideshow. I also can also edit then order pictures online. This program also lets me chose pictures to put onto my desktop my just pushing a button. This way I do not have to keep going to system preferences.
I also started using a hard disk to hold my edited pictures from my Photoshop class; so I use this to organize my pictures also, along with iPhoto. My pictures are in categories by dates. I also name events as categories. My categories consist of new years, junior spring carnival, Mia's 2nd birthday, Co's Wedding, Alisha's Wedding, summer in Huslia, Easter, family pictures, and finally a canoe trip. These are all different times of the last two years, since I got this camera. I have hundreds on family pictures so I'm trying to figure out a way to organize these pictures more. I like to leave the date on the pictures that I take so that they are easier to organize.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Daniel's Flickr

I got my new Flickr site up and running. Good way to share your photos and give them tags for other people to "accidentally" find your pictures:) It's also fun to see what other photos there are with the same tags as yours. The downside is the limited bandwidth.

Pictures Gone Wrong

Playing with Aperture
Playing with Aperture
Depth of Field

Depth of Field

Out of Focus - Under Exposed

Out of Focus - Under Exposed

Over ExposedOver Exposed

Motion Blur
Motion Blur

Subject BlurSubject Blur

Wrong Color BalanceWrong Color Balance

Organizing using Picasa

For the past week I have been in the process of recovering all my photos from my hard drive due to my system crashing. All this could have been easily avoided if I backed my computer up. I used a recovery tool and was able to recover all my photos (or at least it looks like they are all there) It also decided to recover them four to five different times so in the end I had around 14,000 pictures to go through and sort since it dumped every picture it could find into one big file. The worst part is it all could have been avoided if I spent the 5 minutes to back everything up.
Today I am about 90 percent done with deleting duplicates of files and putting them in basic order. I have started on a few albums, the main one I am working on is one of Europe. This is a very time consuming process and my pointer finger is becoming rubbed raw from using the touch pad. I think it's time to invest in a mouse.

How do I organize my pictures?

I have chosen ACDSee as a program to organize my pictures. This program does not take so much CPU that Adobe programs do, and that is why I like it. ACDSee Photo Manager is a useful program to organize photos, and have a lot of the same benefits that Picasa also have. I have started to organize my pictures from this fall in Alaska. Below the text you can see my albums or tags where I have started to organize my Pictures. You can also see a picture from my organization in ACDSee. Of course it is in Norwegian. This is only a start and I am sure I have to add and delete some tags before I get an optimal organization of my pictures.

*Cars and machines
-Other machines
+Carl Randin
+My self


No way - Stephen told us to look at the picture random, and if you put you'r picture in one folder, and you can just look at it. Big joke or... is it true.

Well, as Daniel have wrote, there is a lot of programs hwo help you with this organizing. Some of them are expensive and some have "right price" in other word are free. My choice of program depends on how my computer work with the different programs and what I am use to. I have figure out that all Adobe-programs take a lot of my CPU, and I do not like that. I have never used Picasa, but I have used a program named ACDSee to organize my picture and have used that program a long time. The best part with this program is that it open pictures very fast, even in "full screen", and it is very easy to look through a lot of pictures in full screen. And the price is just 30 $ for it.

I have a folder strukture with my pictures inn with name on every folder were the pictures is from. On that way I can find back to the picture without using a program. In ACDSee i put keyword on the pictures, for exsample, Alaska, Coldfoot, Creek. And I can just seach on one or more of there keyword to find this picture. I also put the picture in different categories, like: Alaska. I make html album of some of the pictures and as I look through my picture I put a ranking on my picture. Then I just choose the folder and seach on that ranking to find those picture I want to put in a html abum.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How do I get organized?

I downloaded the Picasa and installed it on my computer. It did a nice work scanning my photos. It scanned all my directories and the directories of the program files, too, which created quite a lot of junk. The junk took a while to clean up. It was somewhat easy to clean it up by simply hiding the unwanted folders. The program is a nifty way to categorize your photos without moving the physical location of the actual files. Giving the names of "albums" i.e. tags, you can group the photos accordingly. You can also do some basic picture editing with it, too. Such operations as rotating, cropping, automatically correcting colours and so on are really easy to do with the program. I created some albums, like 'Holidays', 'Fairbanks', 'Finland' and 'CD Covers'. By right-clicking a picture and selecting it to be moved into an album you have created, you can create virtual albums of any sort. You can also submit photos directly to the Blog if you wanted to. It is a handy tool for an easy way to organize your pictures and even share them online. I don't have that many pictures yet that they would need extensive organizing, but it's good to know that with such a free tool I can do it in a very short time. I will keep this program in mind (though there are other similar programs available, too) and give it a thought when I really need to organize my photos.

Photos taken wrong

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Photos taken wrong by Ava Vent

Here are some photos that I had taken the wrong way. These photos were taken with my Kodak Easyshare C340.

Photos MADE wrong

Hello photographer's

Here is some of my pictures that I made wrong. I have taken a lot of wrong pictures whitout know what gone wrong - and I think the best way to learn you'r camere is to make wrong pictures, and make the picture wrong in the way you want it. Taken with Nikon D70 with a Nikon lens 24-120 mm.

Motion Blur

Subject Blur

Wrong Focus

Over Exp

Under Exp

Wrong Color Balance

Photos gone wrong

Wrong plane of focus

Too Dark

Totally blurry

Wrong color balance

Partially blurry


Photos gone wrong

This is my friend Ruth, her poor chin is my subject blurr

Depth of Field - look at the trailor not the turnouts(I did not use a tripod)

I have over exposed Engine 64 - ISO 1600 with a shutter speed of 1 second

Engine 64 is now under exposed - too dark - ISO 800 with a shutter speed of 1/125

While this picture of Engine 64 is a bit blue I had to really over compensate for the green that comes from the floresent lights