Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Editing and Enhancing your Photograph

I would really like to get the background changed up but but fixing the blown out white shirt the picture looks much better to me. One of those projects that I will get to keep working on.

Here is a picture of my boss Bernice and her husband

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Monday, November 27, 2006

JPG Magazine: Issues: 7

JPG Magazine: Issues: 7 I bought this magazine at Barnes and Noble. I liked it so much I subscribed. You can download the magazine as a PDF here, or you can scroll through the pages by scrolling through the Issue Preview. I enjoyed the photography, many of the photographs represented the kind of photography that I value.

Photography Composition Articles Library

Photography Composition Articles Library There is good information here, although I think that the best composition comes from feeling not thinking.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The River Yatra: Ganga Yamuna

The River Yatra: Ganga Yamuna The photographs on this web site transcend the beautiful. Spend some in depth time exploring. The real thing!

River Yatra

River Yatra Exhibitions A great set of photographs, explore this site for in depth photography of India. Beautiful!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Edit a messed up picture

Last year I was at Iceland. One day I was in the valley you can see to the left, but it was really foggy that day and I couldn't take any good pictures from the place. Instead I took a picture of a photo hanging on the wall. Because of bad light conditions in the room I needed to use flash. Taking photos like that never make good photos, but with some editing the picture look ok in my photoalbum from the trip.

This is the edited photo. In the iner circel from the flash was all information gone, and it had to be replaced, with new information. I used the cloning stamp to continue the lines in the mountains in to the destroyed part. The clone stamp and healing brush was also used to replace the other parts that was destroyed by the flash. Over the buildings I used layers to darken the buildings. I used different layers because it was different need of editing in different places of the picture. I made the roofs of the building ekstra dark to get more contrast on the picture. I also used layers, to make the colors better I adjusted the contrast. You can still see some of the damages from the flash, but i looks much better.


Here is my FLICKR account URL. This is a neat program to share photos with my friends and family. Some of my friends use RINGO, and the programs seem similar. I do like that this does not take up room on my computer. I also like that I can make it private or public. I look forward to trying this out a bit more.

Organizing my Photos

I have been organizing my personal and work photos by year and then by event, I did download Picasa and it went through all my pictures. I like my original system, other than I can tag a photo for the massive searches, i do like being able to tag for various things like fire or family. I played with the Picasa program and it has some nice features and maybe I am just stuck in some of my ways as to not like the new, but it was fun to try somrthing new and different, but as for know I think I will stick to my old stand-by.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Edited Photo By Ava Vent

Here is the photo before...

I used the clone stamp to take out the date and the red streak in the ice peice. I also used "text dance" by using the magnetic lasso tool and making a selection aroudn the ice peice. Then I made a work path under the path's menu.

Improved photo

This was my original photo - and for the edited version I used the auto contrast/color feature. Then I used the clone stamp on the dots out in the water (I found them distracting). I then selected all the water and mountains in the background and blurred them by 3% to get rid of the 'grainy' purple dots in the photo. Lastly I used the dodge/burn tool to highlight the sand on the shore. In the end I came out with this:

The Toy Polloy--Smells Fishy!

The Toy Polloy--Smells Fishy! I love the look of these photographs. I have been noticing, when scanning my old negatives, that I really like some of my odd and flawed photographs. I want to try some of these tools.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Travis' Improved photo

This is my original photo. This was taken at arctic man this last year. As you can see the people are blurry, the camera was held at an angle so you can tell the picture is tilted.

Here I cleaned up the photo. I first adjusted the curves. Then I played with the color a little bit. I used the measure tool and ran it along the top of the motorhome. I used the rotate canvas arbitrary to straighten the photo. I then cropped the photo, removing the people and the motorhome. I reduced the noise in the photo then sharpened.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dan's improved photo

We took this photo at the White Mountains of me and our car. As you can see, it's too dark because it was taken towards the sun a bit too much. Doesn't really look like a nice, bright sunny day, does it.

With some adjusting of the levels and some dodging of the darker areas of the image (me, the car and the shadows of these two), I was able to bring out the brightness of that day.

Dan's 3 edited photos

This picture was taken 11.11.06 on the White Mountains where a couple of us made a day trip. One of us even took his snowboard...

This is the original:

Turned into B/W by converting the photo into Lab-mode and deleting the A&B-channels. The remaining L-channel was given a small boost by turning up the lightness with curves.

Edited to give it a speedy look with motion blur.
Added dark vignetting around the corners to give it more substance.

This has some more editing done on it.
I used specific filters to give it the snowboarding-style grungy effect.

The Online Photographer: Seen It Before?

The Online Photographer: Seen It Before?
As always from this web site, this is a thought provoking and helpful way to evaluate your photography.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006 Real World Image Sharpening with Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Real World): Books: Bruce Fraser Real World Image Sharpening with Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Real World): Books: Bruce Fraser
If you want to be an expert on sharpening this is the book! Sigh.......Steve

3 Edited photos

This was my original photo

Here I posturized it to give it a 'surreal' feeling.

This one I played around with highlighting and shadow levels untill I could make the path white.

And this one I wanted to make darker, and the light overhead stand out more, so I went to black and white.

One Picture In three Different Ways

This is the original picture. It's a picture of a Gray Jay from Denali, and I have used Photoshop to Edit the Picture in Three Different Ways.

The first edited picture is freshed up with use of levels, and Neutral point function.

The next picture is edited, so it looks like it is taken widt flash in the evening. I have used magnetic tool too cut out the bird and then invert the place where the bird is the layer. I have put on a dark filter in the background and a light filter over the bird.

I wanted the last picture to look colder. I used a cooling photo filter to make it look cold.

Squirrel pictures to different use

This is different version of a picture of a squirrel. Enjoy

This picture is to use for printing to show the nice color and the nice squirrel in Denali. I want to have a colorfull picture with contrast. The eye always seek to the squirrel and you never get tired of look at the picture. Print in big size - and put it on the wall. Here I use Hue/Saturation and after that some extra contrast, and adjust the brightness a little.

This picture is edited to get focus on the squirrel, and the use is to write facts about the animal. I used the blur-tool in Photoshop CS2, and blur all the other element outside of the squirrel to get the squirrel in focus. I also added some warm photofilter.

This picture is in black/white, and I want to use it for printing and give it to people who do not see color. In that way I can get a cheap printing :) I used Image/Mode/Grayscale and then adjust a little with levels in Photoshop CS2

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Photo Edit

This i last weeks editing exrcise. Because I had some problems with uploding photos last week, they are a bit late.

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers
If you want to use the photographs in the book to do the exercises you can download them from this URL.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Three changes to the same photo

This was my original photo.

I tried to make this picture feel colder as well make it seem like it was later in the day by using a lot of blue. I did this by changing the levels of this picture. I then adjusted the color adding a little more blue. I then adjusted the hue and saturation until I got a photo that I liked

I wanted this picture to feel warm so you would think it was taken just after sun rise. I did this by changing the color balance and then I sharpened the picture.

I wanted to make one photo that didn't seem real. For this I played around with the curves of the photo. Using the curves option is one of the best ways to change your photo because you can play around with the line on the graph and keep changing how the picture will turn out. You can also make multiple points to get really interesting effects.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Edited photos

While on a hunting trip I wanted to take a photo of some cool vegitation that I came across. Unfortunatly between all the photos I took, there was only 1 that came close to what I wanted - but even that didn't capture what I 'really' was seeing. Thanks to the wonders of Adobe photoshop CS I was able to make the green come more to life (as I recall it), and play around with some of the cool shading features. Anyways, here's the photos

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Marlene's Photo Edit

The original photo is losing it's color and is taking on a yellow hue. There is also a distracting camera case laying on a rock in the left portion of the picture.

First I cropped the picture and removed the white edges. I used the Curves tool for color corrections to remove the yellow hue and bring out more contrast and shadows of the rocks. I set the shadow color and entered values to set RGB, highlights, and midtones. The pictures color is still blown out in portions from the sunlight. I used layers, the laso tool and the clone stamp tool to try and recaputure the rocks texture. I removed the camera case with the Erase tool.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Photoshop Tricks by Ava Vent

Here is that picture again! But this time here's three different styles of the same picture. I did these enhancements in Adobe Photoshop.

This picture was enhanced with the shadow/highlight feature.

This picture was enhanced with "dancing letters."

This picture was enhanced with the black and white feature as well as some added layers of some other pics that were taken that same night.