Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Looking for photography students - wedding pics!

I am looking for 1 to 2 students to take pictures of my wedding on the 27th of June. I will have other guests taking photos, but wanted people who have taken Steve's class that would keep outdoor lighting in mind. Please email me at as I check that email more often. This is a great opportunity for practice!!! I will provide a cd or jump drive with which to copy the photos. They do not need to be edited, if it helps save time.

Thanks all!

And thanks to Steve for letting me post this!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thousand Portraits - a set on Flickr

Thousand Portraits - a set on Flickr
This is a cool idea, it would be a good project for a class or just a group of people.

lens culture: Laura Domela

lens culture: Laura Domela

Check this out, our state!!!

Everyone My Brother Knows in Girdwood, Alaska

Monday, May 25, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

B: Shoot first, ask questions later

B: Shoot first, ask questions later

Excellent photographs and excellent ideas. The relationship between projects or ideas and actual photographs is complex and intricate.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

Say goodbye to criticism, technology is here to rescue us! -

Say goodbye to criticism, technology is here to rescue us! -

This is depressing on so many levels. I hate photo contests! I hate group judging. All this does is create a computerized photo judge!!! It is computerized insecurity!

What is crucial in lasting photography is to develop an internal standard that is consistent with your values and your view of life and that expresses who you are. Developing the courage of your vision is identical to developing confidence in your unique identity.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

CIOS 258 News!!!! I am stopping teaching!

I have decided to stop teaching! I do not want to make the time commitment of four months out of the year to teach. This spring I wanted to go to Fur Rondy in Anchorage to take some photographs, but I could not because of teaching. I have been teaching every year for twenty years and it was time to stop. I will be using this web log to share photography tools and resources, I will keep this web log alive. All my material will be online also for anybody to use in their classes or to share with others.
I really enjoy teaching photography, but for now I want to do photography more then teach photography.

Photojojo » 10 Online Photography Magazines We Love

Photojojo » 10 Online Photography Magazines We Love

Excellent list to explore and enjoy!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Editing and Enhancing Your Photograph: Sharon Gutierrez

B&W Filtered in Picasa. The original didnt look so "dirty"... I origionally took the picture to view something 'ugly' in the 'pretty' snow because I enjoy the contrast. Adding this particular filter gave it a grungy dirty look.

I "warmed up" the colors in this picture to create a warm inviting picture. I used the "warmify" tool in Picasa.

This is the original, it is a little overdeveloped to begin with, but I still enjoyed the quality of the picture.

I used the Sepia filter in Picasa. This gave the picture an 'old fashioned' look, antique if you will.

Week 5: Assignment Sharon Gutierrez

This is the assignment where we cropped the picture to change the intent of the picture... The original phtograph shows a man passed at out a picnic table downtown. You can see lots of the background and it really shows the envornment, as harsh as it is, in which he is oblivious.

The second picture is cropped to just show the man, to me it focuses on the humanity of the person alone. The background is not so important in the second picture, but even without the snow and harsh weather you feel the sense of 'hopelessness' or not caring in the cropped version.

Tagged Photos in Picassa

This is my album from this class. The pictures are tagged per Assignment 1 from April 18th - April 25th.

Sharon Gutierrez : Week 3 - First Assignment

Incorrect White Balance/ Wrong Color
Motion Blurr/Totally Blurry

Subject Blur/ Partially Blurry

Depth of Field/Wrong plan of Focus

Over Exposed / Washed Out

Inder Exposure/Too Dark

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

First assignment - Sharing Photographs

Since I already shared my rain photographs here is a link to my museum pictures. I joined the "Rain" group on flickr! :)

2nd Assignment - Editing and Enhancing

Original Photograph(it's a yoga mat)

This is using the black and white tool in picasa. I think it looks alright, but I think the color really adds to the original photo.

For this one I used the tint tool in picasa. I think it is neat that I can change the whole color of the picture, and this is the kind of picture you can make any color you want. (It's still best green though!)

This one was done using the soft focus. I think this is a good tool to use if you want to focus in on one thing in the picture. (Like the leaf here).

1st assignment - Editing and Enhancing

I looked up cropping technique and how to enhance a picture through cropping. Here is the link I used.

Original Picture

Edited Picture

Third week - First Assignment

Incorrect Photos

1. Subject blur / partially blurry photograph

2. Motion Blur/Totally blurry photographs

3. Depth of Field / Wrong plane of focus

4. Over exposure / Washed out

5. Under exposure / Too Dark

6. Incorrect white balance / Wrong color

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

artistic effects in PSP


here all i did was bring up the picture in PSP and clicked on the effects tab and scrolled down to artistic effects and chose brush strokes and that's it, couldn't be easier. now it looks like it's a painting, and I also added some sunlight.

here are lots of links to PSP tutorials

PSP can be bought but you can also find it on the net for free,

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Week 4, Part one

I used this photograph with the following enhancement technique:


Here is the link where you can see the final project:


Here is the link on Picasa where you can see my photographs:

The Other Side of Fairbanks

This is my final project. . . My hope was to capture something other than the typical "beauty" of Fairbanks, Alaska.

A Really Dumb Person

Check it out!


Some Ice Pictures

My Final Project

This project is from Creamer's Field. Half is wandering around out back and half are the geese. I was trying for geese in flight but they all just wanted to walk around for the most part.

This pair wandered all over with the one in the back constantly nagging at the one in the front.

Final Assign: Join common interest groups of similar photographs

Wk. 5 - 2nd Assgn.

Color, satuation and auto contrast changes.

Color, satuation and auto-contract changes.

Final Assignment: Shared Portfolo--Nenana

Final Assignment

Pictures around UAF. From snow to sun.

Final Assignment

My final portfolio consists of pictures of the first rain this spring on campus at UAF. It can be viewed through my picasa web album.

LandMarks of North Pole

Final Assignment

For my final assignment, I took pictures of Salcha and the things I see everytime I go visit my parents, who live out there. Click Here to see album on Picasa.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Week 6 Assignment 1

There are more then 20 picture when you put both albumes together.

Old Down Town Biuldings on picasa.

Creamers Field on picasa.

I have joined a group on Flickr, but only people from where I work can join and post pictures.

My Presentation - Link did not show up - Try Again

My Presentation

I have attached a link to my presentation. I am out of town on business and unable to present it.

Pitures to share

This site also contain my crop photos

Group I joint

Diffraction Limited: Use Google Reader to gather information on the web!!!!!

Diffraction Limited: Use Google Reader to gather information on the web!!!!!

Google reader is an essential tool to gather information on the web. Check out this you tube video to understand how to use it.