Sunday, December 30, 2007

List Of The Day: Great Olan Mills photos

List Of The Day: Great Olan Mills photos
Photography can communicate on many levels, some intended, some not.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Most Common Question | Black and White Photography Blog

Most Common Question | Black and White Photography Blog
What it takes to sell your prints, an excellent blog post!

December Moon

I just thought I would share this photo with everyone.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

this is the original photo:

using my workflow....first, i cropped the photo in CS2 and changed the coloring to directive positive in lightroom and adjusted the coloring to add more punch to the photo.

next I went into CS2 and using the clone tool...erased the condensation bubbles on the photo....and saved one version with and one version without the condensation.

next i took the photo back into lightroom and adjusted the fill light to make sure the foreground model was properly exposed.

then i adjusted the highlights, shadowing, and light and dark areas of the photo to increase overall drama to the photo.

lastly, I increased the contrast to the photo to add interest and intensity.

here are my two with condensation, and one without. (the first and second photos are my editing versions.)
Why do I take photographs??

I take photographs because I love picking out the mundane that goes unnoticed everyday and freezing it in one frame.....that is able to convey how things so ordinary and unappealing can be so intensely wrought with history and beauty....and being able to show that unique beauty to others in a way that makes them realize how individual and beautiful the everyday can be.

Who is my audience?

Mainly myself....but also anyone who who appreciates unique beauty and individuality....I use photographs as a history of my emotional development.....rather then a depiction of history itself...the photos I take and how I take them and edit them is directly related to what emotions i'm feeling at the time or what changes are going on in my life.

Why do I want to share?

I enjoy sharing my photos because of the reactions I get out of people by viewing them....I also appreciate constructive criticism so that I may improve my photographic technique. Showing there is beauty in some of the most disastrous situations and places, all you have to do is look.....not all is lost...there is beauty in everything...however small and unimportant it may seem to the accusing eye.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Sunday, December 16, 2007

David Claveau Week 6 - making mistakes

Subject Blur - the subject of the picture, the swimmer, is blurred do to her motion, not mine.

Motion blur - the background of this photo is blurred because I moved the camera with the athlete to keep her in focus, which resulted in a cool motion blur with the background.

Depth of field

Overexposure - the snow is washed out.

Underexposure - It is dark and grainy.

Wrong White balance


check out my new blog ,only got one picure for now .
still learning, how to use my new camera.
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Saturday, December 15, 2007

assignment 9

original picture

1. fill light
2. shadow fill
3. highlights
4. Color temp adjusted
5. neutral color picker

1. fill light
2. shodow and highlights

this one i did the previous step for the other picture but i also added in the sharpening feature and saturation

assignment 8 Erik Setterberg


after here it is

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Marilyn's Final Slideshow: Photoshop

click here to view my final presentation in class on my photoshop accomplishments:



Wednesday, December 12, 2007


here is a link for my final portfolio

My Photo Portfolio

Here is the link for viewing my pictures! Enjoy! Jaime Lowery

Erik Setterberg. Final this is my final, i hope you like it!!!!!

Final Portfolio - David Claveau

This is the link to my Final Portfolio.

Final Project Link

I had hundreds of pictures to choose from.

Sharing Portfolio

I have been putting up some old photos on facebook recently, but I shared them on flickr, because I don't think everyone can see them on there. Here are some of my favorites that I have come across.

Please feel free to comment, I would like some input.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Merry Christmas To You All

May you all have a very special Christmas this year and may the New Year bring you many rich blessings from above!

(If you use your imagination you will be able to see the Christmas trees.) :)

Web Photo Blog of Kathy Adams

Hello All,

This is the link for my photo blog:

Here you can see a few of my pictures and some reasons why I want to share my photos.

Thank you, Steve, for sharing so much information with us this semester. I've learned a lot and thanks to you, have many places I can visit on the web to learn more and more and more... It's nice to know that when we have questions you are just an e-mail away. :) Bless you!

-Kathy Adams-

Sharing Photos

Here is the link to my portfolio from flickr:


HI !

Google Photos Blog

Google Photos Blog
Oops! Ignore the previous post, this is the one for the Picasa tutorial.

Google Reader (166)

Google Reader (166)
Excellent Picasa Tutorial

Sunday, December 09, 2007



Saturday, December 08, 2007

Fraenkel Gallery

Fraenkel Gallery
An excellent selection of top quality photography. Explore it!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Fairbanks Morning in December

To Share With You
by Kathy Adams

Free on-line photography classes

This looks like it might be worth checking out:

Just Wanted To Share This

Here is the link to my blog page if anyone is interested:

Virtual Hosting Blog » 100+ Places to Post and Share Your Photos Online

Virtual Hosting Blog » 100+ Places to Post and Share Your Photos Online
There are many, too many, alternatives to post your photographs to the web. It might be worth exploring a few of these.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

lesson 6 erik setterberg

over exposure/ washed out

under exposure/ dark

subject blurr/ partially blurry photographs

motion blur / totally blurry photographs

depth of feild/ wrong plain of focus
incorrect white balance/ wrong color

Lomoish Trees

Originally uploaded by cysewski
This is fun! A Lomo is a cheap plastic camera with a terrible lens, like a Holga. The crazy thing is that some of the photographs from these cameras are evocative and strong. Search Google for Holga and Lomo if you are curious.

Edited using Flickr

Originally uploaded by cysewski
The editing tools are pretty cool, I think I will use these tools a lot.

Thailand Tree

Originally uploaded by cysewski
You can post to Blogger through Flickr. You need to go the the You/Account area and then configure Flickr for your web logs. I thought you might be interested. I still think Picasa works better, but I am impressed with the editing tool, especially the premium version.

Roger M. Marty - CIOS 258 Lesson Week 14 Final Portfolio

My final portfolio may be found at:

Assignment 5: Camera reviews

Great value for low price.
User friendly interface with sample pictures along with options to show what effect that change will have on a picture.
Highly compatible with Windows Vista.

No live LCD viewfinder while taking photos, requires the user to use the eyehole.
No internal focus motor, be sure to get a lens with a motor in it.
AC power cord costs $100.


It is meant to work seamlessly with Windows Vista and in their tests, worked very well. As the D40 was just becoming a very popular camera, D40x was released only 4 months later. The biggest difference being in the change from 6 megapixels(D40) to 10.2 megapixels(D40x).

Costs $200 more than the D40 but with very good upgrades, questions why Nikon ever even released the D40. Later mentions that Nikon probably did it just to give consumers options and price variance. Size is small but not too small, like the Olympus E410
and Canon Rebel XTI, and has better grip as well.

Smallest, cheapest, yet still great quality. I find this one to be written the best for viewing basic statistics on the camera and comparing to the D40. Points out the fact that the lens is great for close ups but not long enough to do pictures like wildlife.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Why I love taking photographs

Why I love taking photographs.

There are many reasons why I love to take photos. First, I like to take photos because I enjoy it. I thoroughly enjoy taking photographs. It is something that excites me; it’s as if I am capturing memories, which will last forever. I like to share my photos with others, so that they may capture the feeling of the picture(s), or the story behind the photo. Each photo has its own story, and that’s why I feel photography is an art. It can also be a way of expressing ones self, and inspiring others to do the same! Photography makes me happy, even if I’m the only one looking at the photos; it gives me a sense of creativity and perseverance. I encourage others to do the same. Photography is not just a hobby to me, it’s also an art.

Here you can view a few of my photo collections:

Week 12 Project by Kathy Adams

Sharing Photographs:

Why do I take photographs?

The world is an exciting place to live. The Lord has created many beautiful and interesting things for us to enjoy and I have an unquenchable desire to see all I can see of it. I want to take pictures of these things so I won’t ever forget their beauty. I search for beauty in the every day things of life, or in things that people won’t, or can’t, take time to see.

Sometimes if I am inspired to do so, I will edit my photographs in Photoshop to make them look like water colors.

Some day I would like to make a cd of different pictures I have made and put King James Bible Scriptures with them. I have already had offers from family and friends that they would buy these cds from me. I’m not sure I could charge for them, but I’d sure like to make at least one cd for them.

Who is my audience?

I take pictures of these beautiful things not only for my own benefit, but I have friends who are either too busy with little children and other friends who are too old and/or crippled to get out to enjoy these things any more and others who just desire to see what I see each day. Most times they enjoy seeing my world as I see it.

Why do I want to share?

I want to share because it makes me feel good to bring a spark of joy to those I love. We watch the news and hear only the bad and ugly because that is what sells, or so they tell me.

I want to show people that there is good also; that life is worth the living and that it can be bright, colorful, beautiful and joyful. It is where we choose to put our focus, it is our choice. I want to prove to them that they can find beautiful anywhere; they may just have to look for it a little harder at times.

You can see some of my pictures here:

Monday, December 03, 2007

Week 12: Sharing Photographs

I like sharing photographs with my family and friends. The best photos are the unusual ones and places I have visited. It's fun to see similar photos taken in different lighting or angles. Everything looks different from one season to the next. It's like the winter in Alaska, just when you forgot what grass looked like it's spring time. My photographs are in FLICKR:


My family & friends are the audiences of all the pictures I take.
I don't think , I have missed a picture yet, that I took, that was not sent.
No matter what it a building or a flower or whatever appealed to me at the moment.
I sent it thru e-mails only...
I was sharing to them ,the passion I have in taking those photos.

Now I have learned thru my class in photography that I can expand my audiences.
check it out ...for I have posted alot of!!!!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

November 30, 2007 -- Sunrise

It was beautiful!!

Week 12

When I take pictures I like to share them with my friends and family. I like to share to show them the fun times I've had and it also helps me remember things.
I share a lot of the pictures of my friends, family and I on Myspace. Other pictures of just everyday things I like to share on Flickr and Deviantart.
I've had a Flickr account for awhile now, but I just started uploading pictures to it recently, it's a pretty easy way to organize and share your photos.

Week 12: Sharing Photographs

I like sharing photographs that interest me. I have had a flickr account for a couple of months now and I have some amazing photos on there that I took my time in taking. I enjoy sharing photos with others so I can get others to see my amazing talent. I have been taking photos for a couple of years now and the more I do it the better I get. My mom has inspired me to take more photos. She is a dog musher and I have been taking photos of the dogs which is a good subject to use because of them always moving and it has helped me to learn the settings of my camera. My mom has her own buisness with her photographs and some day I would like to sell my photos. The name of her buinsess is Lead Dog Graphic Arts. You can find her work at

Here is the link to my flickr photos:

Friday, November 30, 2007


original picture
I took this while my husband was driving ,
we were going to Anchorage. I set my
camera to shooting subject in motion.

general fixes:
lightening shadow
darken shadow

layer: glowing edges

layer: tint sepia then crop the picture
I used Photoshop element 6.0

Joel Meyerowitz : Photographer

Joel Meyerowitz : Photographer
A video about street photography, excellent.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sharing Photos by Marilyn

I've found an interest in sharing my photos with others as a result of this course. I've enjoyed the photos of others on MySpace and BEBO with family and friends as well. Now, I have another online account from which to organize and share photos with my family and friends. All I have to do is invite them to share my photos and hopefully they'll invite me back to share their happiness with. Click here to view my recent photos on FLICKER:

John Nack on Adobe: Photoshop ethics & pistols & kittens

John Nack on Adobe: Photoshop ethics & pistols & kittens
Just because you can does not mean that you should.

David Claveau - Week 12 Sharing Photos

Right now as I learn, I share my photos for constructive criticism and to feel out what kind of photos appeal the most to certain people. I only intend to share with friends and family currently while I learn but eventually I would like to possibly sell photos or at least get published. I have been using Flickr for a few months now and have been posting, not all of my photos, but alot. I will wittle them down to only the best in time, see them here!




The people are too dark. The sunset is only really in the center and it should feel more enveloping. the people are just a tiny bit blurry too.

1. adjust brightness/contrast
2. resize field of view to guide attention
3. attempt to fix blurriness

1. irfanview - basic adjusts
2. photoshop - fine tuning

1. irfanview->enhance colors, increase gamma correction to 1.5 and then increase saturation to 200 to compensate for the colors lost in the sunset. Adjust green and blue down slightly to compensate for over saturation, the slight red gives it a warmer feeling.
2. irfanview->select viewpoint, crop. You can do this in most programs, but irfanview is fast and you can see the picture in fullscreen quickly, where it shows it against a black background.
3. attempt to remove bluriness using photoshop filters, mainly smart sharpen at very low amounts (3% at 3px) using the lens blur.

Applying the workflow
The second photo was similar to the first in how the foreground was very dark. Similarily the the framing needed to be adjusted, but this one was set up a bit better to begin with. I wanted the photo have a more WIDE feeling as well, because in reality the sky and the water were all encompassing.

It took a bit of tweaking to make sure the sunset looked full of color. Only minor value adjustments were needed in the workflow. The end result looks and feels much better, warm and vibrant with rich colors.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to apply a mask in photoshop to the foreground and adjust the brightness/contrast separately from the background. This can be very time consuming, and should probably only be done to the most deserving photos.