Wednesday, April 18, 2007


For my work Flow i went through my pictures and took some pictures and tried to find pictures i could use that had things that could stand out. This first picture i Clicked Edit in quick mask and painted the eyes and the ring. It appears as a transparent red. Then i selected standard mode and it selected the eyes and ring so they wouldn't be effected. Then i desaturated the picture. Then i created a new layer painted over the eyes with green and turned the opacity down to 33

I did the same thing with this next picture, the only difference is i didn't color over anything, i just desaturated everything but the fire.

Then this last photo, the first thing that i did was select adjustment layer, then levels and set white point. then i clicked on the middle of the watch. Then i did the same thing as the last pictures. I clicked quick mask mode. painted the watch. then selected standard mode. Desaturated everything but the watch. Then i painted a black layer mask and turned opacity down to 50.

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