Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Workflow Assignment

All right, I think I finally got the hang of this assignment....
here is my original picture...

now, applying my workflow steps as outlined above, I will take this photo to..

Using my workflow, here are the steps I used for this picture....
- copied layer
- used patch tool underneath the spot healing tool with setting on source to fix date
- used the shadow/highlight command and set shadow to 11 and highlight to 0
- using the crop tool set to 10x7, I got rid of the basketball hoop and the person's shoe
- using the clone stamp tool, I got rid of katie (new friend we met at the house)
- flattened image and "saved as" a jpg
now I will try to apply that same technique to another photograph...
here is the original...

and here is the "after" version:

so here again, I used my workflow with a few minor changes...
- copied layer
- used the measure tool underneath the eyedropper tool
- then under image/rotate canvas/arbitrary straightened the photo
- then used the crop tool to focus on ty and get rid of the date and negative space
- flattened image, and saved as a new jpg.
And that, my friends, is how it's done!
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