Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Digital Workflow.

My digital workflow is simple but really helps the photo.

This is a photo I took that I put in the "Life Sayings" category. I wanted to direct the attention of the photo onto the words and clear up the greyness.


Steps of Workflow
1. Create copy of Background layer.
2. Rotate Canvas. (If needed)
3. Use ruler tool to straighten object in image.
4. Create a levels layer and use the Black, Grey, and White eye droppers.
5. Crop image.
1st step Create a copy of the background layer- This is just an instinct of mine that I do with every photoshop image. It is good practice to copy the background so you do not change the original picture. In the layers pallet drag the background to the create new layer button and release.
2. Rotate canvas- In some photos you may need to rotate the entire canvas due to how you had to take the picture. To rotate the entire canvas goto Image>Rotate Canvas>choose how you want to rotate the canvas.
3. Use the ruler tool to straighten the object- This step is one you would use if you need to straighten the main object in the image. To do this you need select the ruler tool under the eyedropper and make a straight line next to a line of the object then goto Image>Rotate Canvas>Arbitrary.
4. Create a levels layer use the eyedroppers- To brighten or darken an image you can use the levels layer to create this effect. In the layers pallet use the create new fill or adjustment layer button and choose levels layer. Use the black eye dropper on the blackest black and the white eye dropper on the whitest white or click around till you like the image.
5. Crop the image- To make the focus of the image you can crop the image. To do this use the crop tool and select the area you want to keep.

Image 2
In this image I used the same workflow but added some more advanced tools. I wanted to make the picture brighter but making it brighter made the sky blinding, so I used the magic wand to select the big parts of the sky and made them their own layer and combined to two pictures.

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