Friday, April 27, 2007

Five Lost Photos

I had to let this assignment sink in for a while before I could remember five photos that I wish I had taken. There was this beautiful tall pine tree that stood directly outside the front door of my House. It was one of the greenest, most beautiful trees I had ever seen; especially when the sun shone on it. It grew so big that we ha to cut it down, and for some reason I decided I had enough pictures of it to take another one. But, now that I look back, and every time I go home and don't see it I wish I had.
Another photo I wish I had taken in my yard is a picture of the garden my dad created. When we first moved in our "yard" and driveway was all dirt. Now there is a beautiful brick walkway, many gardens, and green grass. The whole thing was put together by my family and it holds great memories of wonderful family times. Now, that I live away from home I wish I had pictures of the gardens and yard to remind me of those times.
I cannot think of a specific situation at the moment, but I really don't like those times (kind of like the first situation I described) when in the moment you don't really see a photo worth taking, but when you look back on the situation you wish that you had taken the picture.
This is my first time in Alaska and I want to remember all of the places I travel to. I do regret not stopping the car and taking pictures around town in Fairbanks.
When all of the ice sculptures were out I saw a sculpture on the UAF campus of a family of wolves. I absolutely love wolves and every time I drove or walked by I said I would take the picture next time. But, of course I procrastinated so much that it melted.
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