Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Displaying My Photographs

A key reason why I enjoy displaying my photographs is to share memories with family and friends. Memories captured as photographs conjure up an array of feelings that return former emotions and experiences. Several of my friends live out of state and sharing photos of enjoying or suffering the winter weather allows them to return to that particular moment when they once lived it. They embrace those former feelings and they take pleasure in or bear those moments with me. When I shared a photo of my son and I riding in the snow, my best friend/former Fairbanksan, stated that she could just hear the snow crunching beneath the horses' hooves.
Each photograph taken and shared contains a spirit of a person, place, animal, or object that brings significance to the subject. There are several photographs that I had taken of my dad prior to his passing five years ago; he had undergone an extreme case of lung cancer. Sharing dad's pictures with my family allows us to remember him as he was, brilliant and beautiful.
When photographs are shared, they bring out a special part of us that we are unable to witness without them. Pictures expose our own true character, strength, and beauty. This sense of self separates us from the rest of the world.
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