Thursday, April 19, 2007

To who and why I share? And what kind of photographer am I (Redone)

Well I mostly like taking pictures just to remember things, and capture a moment (not to sound cheesy or anything), because it's sort of like i have stopped time forever with just a single frame. It also allows me to show people the way I look at things in life. And I like to show, people things that they can see if only they looked at if from a different angle or aspect. I don't really care who I share them with because I am not really trying to impress anyone. So my audience is whoever is really interested, no ones opions really matter to me, if they like the pictures I take, it makes my happy that I may have influenced someone else's life, if not... well....tough they don't need to look at them. No one should ever have to conform their ideas, or methods when it comes to art, or taking pictures. The photography world is full of endless possibilities which is the beautiful thing out it.
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