Friday, April 27, 2007

Cannon Powershot A540 Reviews

According to the cannon powershot A540 is a good camera with acceptable capabilities. It has many different modes depending on the shot you are trying to get, and takes has pretty good video capabilities. However, they do not like the "lack of" manual. They feel as though more needed to be included and that many companies leave out the full manual to save money. You can download the full manual or get it on CD ROM. They feel as though this camera is complicated and you shouldn't have to go through the hassle of searching for the full manual especially since it is obviously much needed. - This was a review for novices. says that this cameras is definitely worth the money!. The describe it as one step above the A530. They say that this camera will be very popular in the "Powershot Line". They say this this camera is easy enough for beginners to use, but has all the necessities to please the more advanced photographer. - This was a review for "shutterbugs to professionals". has a different review to give regarding the consumer. They say that cannon has not marketed this camera as well as they should have and that people have yet to notice it's potential. They do say, however, that is is a "little gem". They agree with the other reviews that this camera was focused on the beginner with the auto mode, but has all the makings to please the professional with the manual mode. They give the following four reasons why this camera is worth the price:

"1. Great performer in Auto mode - rarely need any post editing. (Beginners can just turn it on a shoot)
2. Its compact size and large LCD display.
3. Uses two AA batteries, making it ideal for traveling overseas without needing proprietary battery chargers, however, it does REALLY well with AA Lithium batteries.
4. SD cards in 1GB-2GB are inexpensive now and you get enough storage to capture an entire vacation’s worth of photos on one card
5. Flash works really well indoors. (A lot of compacts have underpowered flash.)"

The person who tested this camera for this review said that three of their friends purchased one and all love it.
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