Friday, April 13, 2007

WorkFlow for Editing Pictures

The first set...
"Thee orginal"

“Final version”

1.) Choose a picture
2.) Look @ picture and decide what I want to do with it
3.) Go into my program (Elements 4.0)
4.) Make a duplicate background or layer
5.) The program automatically makes a layer when I chose these;

  • “Levels” (I adjusted with the white and black dropper)

  • “Hue/saturation/lightness” (both pics needed almost exactly the same adjustments); Hue +3/Saturation 0/ Lightness +6

6.) Cropped
7.) Look at picture again and see if I need to change anything special in it
8.) In both pictures I wanted something out of them:

  • Took the “Rectangular Marquee Tool” to make a box around the object in picture

  • I am still learning; first I used the “Healing Brush”, settings of; Replace and 15px

  • Next I used the; “Smudge Tool”, settings of; Darken and 24px

Second set!


When I completed these pictures, I had no ideal that they would have had almost the same setting… This is something for me to think about; because I did not take the first picture.
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