Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Work Flows

Find the file in my documents and right click to open with photoshop

Rotate the picture to the desired orientation

Crop the picture to fit the determined composition.

If there is red eye use the red eye tool to make the pupil gray, then the burn tool to darken it to a natural looking color.

Use the sharpen tool if there are any parts of the picture that are unnecessarily blurry

Go to the layer palate and create a levels layer

Convert to Black and White if wanted by adjusting the RGB sliders

Use eyedroppers to get the right color cast

Select portions of the image to either delete or modify to prevent distractions from the photo’s subject.

Adjust contrast under the ‘Enhance’ tab, then ‘Adjust brightness/contrast’

Use the clone stamp or pattern stamp tool to remove imperfections or dust.

Import other files to a blank layer in case of file layering

Apply filters or effects for artistic purposes if desired under the ‘filter’ tab.

Save file to a new name so to keep original in case of other projects.

Print at Sam’s club or post online to flicker account.

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