Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sharing Photographs

Why do I share photographs?

I share photographs because I love to share my life with my family and friends who live in the lower 48. It's fun to trade photographs of my children, pets, and flowers that I have tried to grow in the summer. Besides just the fun part of taking the photographs passing them around for others to look at makes it more fun.

Who is my audience?

My audience is my brother (he loves Alaska and wished he could live here but his girlfriend says "no."), my older sister and her daughter, my niece Mandy. Mandy and I share our love of our pets by e-mailing photographs to each other. I intend to start posting my photographs on my blog site. This will be a fun project. There are a couple of friends I e-mail my photographs to as well. I am going to try and print some using photographic paper so I can send them to my mom who is not computer savvy at all.

What do I want to share?

Hmm, let's see now! My cat Siris is a ham when it comes to taking photographs. Then there are my flowers in the summer. When the weather changes and then the plants do too. Driving the Parks Hwy there are sensational views of the sky, valley, even the highway itself. I took photographs one day that it was so windy I almost lost my camera. I took photographs of the snow sweeping across the highway. My land changes all the time. I take down more trees or paint something and this year....the old autos have got to go but not before I take a photograph of them first. I almost forgot, I have taken photographs of the buildings in Nenana where I live close to. Well, closer than Fairbanks. And those moose that travel through my yard, I forgot those....and did I mention.....
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