Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Week 12

Week 12: Sharing Photographs: I really like these photographs I want others to see them?

Why do you share photographs?
I share photographs because it is nice to allow others to see times that made me happy, as well as to let them see a glimpse of my friends, and as well as capturing the moment, witch just might look really cool! So I will take a photograph of it.

Who is your audience?
My audience is my friends, family, and a select few others that I might wish to see my photos. This way when I want them to see something I thought was cool, nice, or just capturing the moment; I can call them or email them the link to let the see it.

What do you want to share?
I want to share my photo's of friends, and moments that are captivating or a scene that pleases the eye!
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