Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Single photograph that I like,& the photographer

Looking thru all the other photograhers, was hard to choose what I like the most. All of the pictures I like . I chose this one, for the reflection of light, for the serenity of the picture , the refelction it gave in the water showed clearly identical picture of the mountain.
To me that is amazing, besides this one I also like the rest of his pictures.
Photograher Galen Rowell, is a famous photographer , known for his Art of the Possible.. each one of them has that unique ways of showing the pictures.Dangerous & risky & you can see what he is feeling while taking those pictures.
I can just imagine what is to be right there ...

When you read how he had taken certain picture.Many times , not only does he sets the camera on a certain speed or shutter or aperture, you can see the patience he had in capturing the picture. link is www.monutainlight.com/
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