Monday, October 08, 2007

Pictures I wish I had taken

These are just a few of the pictures I wasn't able to capture:

1) 4 years ago my family vacationed in Orlando, Florida. We were staying at the Shades of Green Resort just off of Disney property. I woke up early one morning and was able to witness one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen....the kind that in a photo seem impossible and photoshoped. However, I didn't even have a camera at the time, so I was unable to capture it.

2) A friend of mines' little boy timothy. My family took him out on a berry picking extravaganza one afternoon in august, up on Murphy Dome. When we jumped out of the car he ran up to the top of the hill and stood there waving his arms at the valley below, but of course my camera had ran out of batteries...

3)Chilkoot Trail: a hazy morning standing on the top of the golden stairs, watching the fog lift from the valley. I DID take this pic, however my camera wasn't nearly good enough to capture the image for what it truly was.

4)Chilkoot Trail: Camp Bennett, when I found out Cameron Diaz was on the trail right in front of us and had written in the camp journal.....and of course the picture didn't come out! you couldn't read it!

5)Washington D.C: during my internship with Senator Stevens I of course never had my camera with me when we were accompanying the Senator.....I do have some professional shots with the Senator, but nothing that I took.
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