Monday, October 01, 2007

My Favorite Picture & Photographer

I really like this picture because of the focus that the lens is in to capture the detail of the rain drops and to blur the background street lights into perfect spheres. I love how that light is captured in the picture and that is seems as though it was taken out of a window through a wide perseption. I don't know who the photographer is because I came across this picture over the web and was inspired by it.
This is how I would like to portray a rainy night
through a photographic lens.

I love Anne Geddes work and I know that I'm not the only one. She is a very popular photographer, but more so of her work with children. She knows just how to capture a child's beauty and innocense through a picture wether they are 3 years old or 3 days old. Anne has a way of decorationg a child through colors, shapes and light that makes you want one! Her unique, signature style of playfully previewing children in photographs is what she is most famous for. I hope to adopt the same class and technique that she portrays.

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