Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lesson Outline Week 4


You adjust the ISO by selecting (ISO/AUTO) sets the optimal ISO speed, according to the light level when shooting. Pressing the ISO button and switch settings. Cycle through the different speeds with each press of the ISO button.
You adjust the white balance going to “FUNC” Menu, [AWB] * Auto. Use the arrows to chose.
You set exposure compensation by going to “FUNC” , Menu, +- 0 *Exposure compensation. Use the arrows to adjust and chose settings.
To set file size and compression, you go to FUNC. Menu/ L *superfine/ normal/ fine* using the arrow buttons to chose.
To set the exposure meter mode, you go to FUNC. Menu/ Evaluative. Using the arrows to select the functioning meter mode setting.
Setting macro focusing, you press the “Macro” button with is on the camera button selection. Shaped like a tulip flower, it’s right on back of the camera, the flash mode is also an option button located on the camera. It looks like a squiggly upside down arrow. Pressing that, will give you different flash options.

Terri C.
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