Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Favorite Photo and Photographer

Here is a photo I found on Deviantart.com under their photography section. DeviantART has mostly amateur artists, but there are so many that there are bound to be really good ones. I really liked how the arch set up the photo almost as if you were peering into a strange distant world that existed only through and under the archway. The colors are also very vibrant and surreal, maybe thats why I think it looks so distant and otherworldly.

For my photographer I picked Karekin Goekjian. He is originally from Georgia, the country, not the state. He takes a lot of photos by moonlight. I'm not sure of his exact technique, but he usually has long exposures and will often use lights to fill in colors or influence the picture. Many of his photos have very interesting lighting and eye catching textures and colors. On his website, there are several galleries, my favorite being the Southern Ruins. I wish that they would link to large versions, because the images are really too small to see the detail.

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