Wednesday, October 17, 2007

lesson 5 cannon rebal xti

a few good things about this camera is that polycarbonate body which is m olded around a metal frame. it is made to be held securly in your hand. it is light and easy to carry. this camera is very easy to operate. the xti performs a bit better than the nikon d80 in this review.

the nice thing about these camera's you can buy them with kits they come with image fransfer and viewing, image enhanvement and editing, RGB image editing functions etc...

this is talking about the "dust delete data" and dust shake off features. You can do this automatically or manually.

the automatic feature on this camera is expectionally well and there are also a whole lot of manual settings so you can take those unique photos.
there are lots of options for differing lenses.
it has a 2.5" LCD screen which is also a very nice feature.

there are certain feature that don't comply with certain programs like the dust delete data had falled when trying to use with DDP.
it will take a really long time get good at using this camera with perfection.
the lenses are expensive and they say that they cannot stress enough how important it is to have them
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