Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lesson 5 Project by Kathy Adams

The three review sites that I visited were:



And my favorite: DCRP:

I found out that I have the very best camera on the market. :) The Sony A100 has many more strengths than it has weaknesses according to the reviews that I have read and from personal experience.

Just three of its many strengths:

1) Super Steady Shot built right into the camera w/special coating on the sensor (Indium Tin Oxide). Since the steady shot is in the camera body instead of the lens, almost any lens used with it will benefit from this feature.

2) The Sony A100 uses Konica Minolta's old Maxxum dSLRs, most Maxxum AF lenses and third-party AF-mount lenses

3) The Konica Minolta 7D and 5D both featured 14 segment honeycomb pattern metering sensors, the A100 advances this with its 40 segment sensor.

Some weakness are:

1) ISO tops out at ISO 1,600 and is sometimes “noisy” at this setting

2) Eye start auto-focus drains the battery more quickly

3) The AF system's main drawback is that it is rated to work only down to plus 1EV, which means that it may fail in extremely dark situations.

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