Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Canon Powershot s500 reviews

1.) New print and share buttons of photographs speed and simplify printing and sharing with one-touch image transferring for uploading to the internet, e-mail and image processing programs.
2.) An intelligent orientation sensor detects whether an image has been recorded horizontally or vertically and properly rotates the image for better viewing.
3.)Light-assisted autofocus alos work in the dark with an advanced TTL-AiFi nine-point autofocus system tgat allows the camera to automatically select a primary subject even when the camera is off center.

1.) All camera functions are automated limiting the freedom of creativity and discovery of the camera dimensions.
2.) Camera modes are automatically limited in selection of 1-3 modes.
3.) With automated selective modes manually and freely functioning the camera to distort images quality is difficult with the automated intereuption.

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Jaime Lowery
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