Monday, October 08, 2007

Canon Rebel XTi Functions (Marilyn)

How do you adjust the ISO?
a). For creative zones only (P, Av, Tv, M, or A-DEP)
100/200 for sunny days
400/800 overcast skies or evenings
1600 for night or dark indoors

How do you adjust the color balance (for printing)?
Using Photoshop CS2 program:
a). download the picture
b). Click “Image”
c). go to “adjustments”
d). go to “color balance”
e). adjust “color levels” for color & tone.

How do you adjust for White Balance ?
1. Setting WB:
Press “WB” button and select the white balance by pressing arrow keys;
2. Custom WB:
a). take a picture of a white object, focus manually and set for correct
b). menu/tab2/WB, press set (screen pops up); import previous white picture
taken and press set, menu reappears; select WB button, press right/left arrows
to select balance.
3. Correcting WB:
Menu/2nd tab/WB, press set. Press the up/down arrow to mark/shift position to
desired balance; reset to zero by placing the mark in the center.

How do you set exposure compensation?
Set mode dial to the creative zone modes, except for M.
a) brighter shots: press “Av (+/-)” button while turning the dial to the right
b) darker shots: press “Av (+/-)” button while turning the dial to the left
(reset to “0” when done).

How do you set file size and compression?
Camera menu/1st tab/quality: large, medium, and small; plus either fine or normal.
Large: 3888x2592 pixels
Medium: 2816x1880 pixels
Small:1936x1288 pixels

How do you set macro focusing?
a). Set the basic zone to close-up (pre-programmed settings).
b). aim and shoot.
c). with minimum focus distant limitations: 0.28m/0.9ft with lens of 15 to 55mm.
d). can improve the distance using macro lens and or telephoto lens depending on
effects sought.

How do you set the flash mode?
1. For creative mode pictures, press the “flash” lightening button located on the upper
left to take pictures
2. Set the basic mode to “Flash Off” when taking pictures for various effects:
3. Flash Exposure (FE) lock:
Press the “flash” button
Focus on the subject
Press the “*” button to lock the exposure flash
Take the picture.
4. See also problem # 3 for exposure compensation.
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