Monday, October 15, 2007

Reviews Canon powershot SD600 Digital

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Reviews on my digital camera; Canon PowerShot SD600 Digital Elph. 6mp

Some (Pro's)
Big screen appealThe Digital IXUS 60's 2.5" LCD screen allows for sharp composition and reviewing with no squinting or eyestrain. The screen's wide angle of view makes it easier to share playback with a group. The speaker and mode switch have been repositioned on this model for a firmer grip, while the base of the mode switch acts as a thumb rest for added comfort.
A huge wide-angle 3.0" LCD screen – the largest to ever grace a Canon compact digital still camera – is just one of several landmark innovations on the Digital IXUS 65. A new Touch Control Dial replaces the mode dial - touching the dial displays a mode icon on the LCD for quick and easy function selection, particularly after dark. The dial can also be used to scroll through images during playback. A new Image Inspection Tool makes use of the large LCD screen by simultaneously displaying a newly shot image and a magnified section of the image – ideal for checking details before leaving the scene. The magnified spot can be moved between AF points or to any point on the image.

Five Movie modes with sound (up to 640 x 480 pixels, at up to 30 frames per second with a 60-fps Fast Frame Rate mode)
Continuous Shooting mode

Good low-light performer

(I like the fact that it's small, convienent, affordable and i think it takes exceptional pictures- especially if your on the 'go')

some {Con's}
Shutter response at telephoto focal lengths is a little slow
Contrast is a little high, tends to lose highlight and shadow detail under harsh lighting
Battery life is rather short when using the LCD (and you'll need to use it, because the optical viewfinder is so tight)

Difficult to quickly access special scene modes

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