Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Roger M Marty CIOS 258 Lesson 5

I currently use a Nikon D200 a camera that is descibed as the latest in cutting edge technology. A 10.2 megapixel SLR camera that can use not only the latest lenses but almost all of the Nikon line. It has an 11 point metering system, a magnesium alloy body and is dust and moisture resistant. Can shoot 5 frames per second and I have been able to use up to 16GB memory card allowing me to shoot in RAW mode and still take in excess of 900 photos.

Digital Camera Labs:
Imaging Resource

1. Tough, dust and moisture resistant magnesium body.
2. Large range of custom settings.
3. Fast 5 FPS shooting.

1. No TIFF file format
2. Auto white balance does not handle incandescent lighting well.
3. A fairly large, heavy camera.
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