Friday, September 26, 2008

Review on Canon 30D

This site basically compared it to the Canon 20D because when Canon made this camera, the designed it after the 20D and improved certain things. There was a lot of surprise when it was released because the it has the same 8 megapixel sensor and same main processor. But the 20D was also a great camera and they didn't feel the need to make something that was great better. They improved the size of th LCD panel, added 3.5% spot metering mode, improved battery life. Both the 20D and 30D have impressive image quality at high ISO's, the also added a new 1/3 stop variable ISO function.

This site said that is was basically a dissapointment because everyone was expecting a big upgrade form the 20D and there were only a few changes made, but also said for a new comer that is just coming onto the market for a digital SLR, this camera is right in the middle. It has image quality that is compared to the 5D for half the cost. Good for semi-pro or serious ameteur.

This site said similar about it being not a drastic enough of a change to upgrade from the 20D, but if you are in the market for your first Digital SLR, this one is worth looking into, one of the better mid range DSLRs. It states that Canon didn't go overboard with buttons, but some controls like the 4-way controller, and playback soom button are "downright usefull". There are tons of Manual and custom settings, for people that are "power users", there are 2 speeds for continious shooting, which was not on the 20D, and there is very low noise levels at high ISOs. It said that the Canon 30D and Nikon D200 are the best in class midrange Digital SLRs. He did mention that the LCD wasn't as bright or shard as the one one the Nikon D200.
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