Thursday, September 18, 2008

Five Photographs I wish I Took

#1. There isn't just one in peticular, but I found a few i like of the 9/11 tragedy. I think the photography that came out of this disaster is amazing. It was like for that one moment, it didn't matter if you were white, hispanic, asian, or african, if you were gay or striaght, at this one moment people came togather and helped those they didn't know. they came togather and cried in the street over all the lives that were taken. I would give anything to be there on that street, with a lot of memeory cards and batteries that is.

#2. Also comes from the 9/11 tagedy. It's a similar replica to a photograph taken during World War II by Joe Rosenthal. The fire fighters raising the flag. What's interesting is the photograph in World War II has been back and forth argued that it was staged, there's a link for the story on it at the Associated Press website

#3. This is a series of photographs a frind of mine sent me a link to. It's vintage underwater photography and i think it's pretty awsome. I love to 50s. and I wish I could have taken these just to be able to be in that time period and work with basic euipment producing amazing photographs.

#4. Marilyn Monroe. the famous street corner photo "The Seven Year Itch" . I love Marilyn. If i did any kind of model/fashon photography I would want to do that same style. She was classy yet sexy, she had real shape, didn't weigh 80 pounds and think it was prettier. Marilyn was beautiful, I would have loved to photograph her.

#5. I realy like Robert Frank, there's a lot of amazing photographs in his book called "the Americans". I can't really think of any one photo. They are all pretty amazing.
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