Saturday, September 20, 2008

Creamer's Field?

What happened? We were waiting at the farm house for people to show up. We waited for awhile and then eventually took off. I assumed that I was one of the last ones because I had to carry all my camera "stuff" to the car. When we were finishing the trail we ran into some people who were from the class. I am guessing that some people waited in the parking lot and others at the farm house. Next time I need to make sure that we coordinate our meeting place. I am learning and I am sorry that we did not all meet together. Next week back in town for the Gaffney, Wendel, Lacey street area.

Check out this link for the walk in spring time.
Check out this link for an entire year cycle at Creamer's field.
To see an earlier version of a yearly cycle check out this link

You might assume from these links that I really like this walk:)

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