Wednesday, September 17, 2008

5 photos I wish I had taken

1. Abby caught a fish - It was late in the afternoon, I was fishing with my husband and my dog (Abby). Abby dipped her head down in the water and caught a pink salmon with her mouth and took the fish to the shore.
2. Avalanche - It was in Valdez, I was walking my dog and I heard this loud rumbling sound. I was wondering what it was until I saw few people looking up then I saw the file of snow sliding down from the mountain behind me, it was amazing. I always wonder though how it would turn out in the picture..
3. Northern lights - It was in Valdez and I believe it was in the year 2001. The northern lights was all over the sky and the color was shades of red and orange. The best northern lights I've ever seen so far.
4. San Francisco Pictures - I wish I would have taken my own pictures in San Francisco that my husband took and Accidentally deleted it from His camera.
5. Trucking along - When we arrived in General Santos City, in Philippines, a large fruit hauling truck was waiting there for us with a full load of family and friends, about 30 people.. They traveled 3 hours down from the mountain to met us then we all went down to the beach resort. I only took partial photo of the truck and the people in it but not the whole effect.

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